This example makes use of several types of lessons in Rise to teach multicultural sensitivity for the modern workplace.

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Marc Koenecke

Hi, I thought I'd give some feedback. Like the way the course is built. However, as a critique I'd suggest that there is too much reading that's required - a challenge I face all the time (keeping things concise) and there are some content issues. I've been in Australia for 10 years now, living and working, and having worked on this sort of course with Australian colleagues have never heard that a thumbs up is a problem or that saying you feel stuffed could be misinterpreted. Given the audience of the course I'd be concerned that these are fairly key insights that appear to be incorrect. I struggled with your email "quiz". I love the idea and the execution is really slick but I couldn't get the answers right. Maybe I was in too much of a hurry but I'd try to make it clearer which ... Expand

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Gary Wood

This is a great course, well done. The comments above just highlight cultural differences and the difficulty communicating with different methods even within the same culture. I like the crisp clean format, I like the scrolling technique, graphics have great semiotics and I'm not worried (No worries mate!) about the reading. It's easier to explain cultural aspects through written words as many non English speaking peoples learn to read English easier than they learn the various dialects of the complex English language. Maybe its my age but I remember when I was a young fellow in Melbourne the thumbs up was a sign of aggression, this may have been a contraction from an Italian gesture of a similar nature where the thumb is flicked away from the head. How did you get the full scree... Expand

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Cristina  Dragomir