Steve Flowers

This one uses multiple sliders. Try dragging the lungs. You'll see the main slider jumps to a range as you start to drag any of the organs. This is actually pretty easy to put together and works because Articulate's brilliant implementation of the slider control has these properties: - You can customize the thumb with a graphic. In Tom's example, the track is transparent and the thumb is a custom graphic. - Sliders modify and react to a variable. In Tom's example, all of the sliders (7 in total) are tied to the same variable. The properties of each slider are set differently, but they all modify and react to the same variable. For example: Main slider could be 1 to 100 Heart slider could be 30 to 20 Lung slider could be 20 to 1 By reversing the direction of the slider incre... Expand

Diana Myers
Andreas Fischer