Ross Dewstow
Keith Shull
ricky snodgrass

So here is my step by step guide. 1) Create an overall variable for each section you intend to have called it something easily identifiable. Give it a default value of 100. (For 100%) 2) Decide how many questions you intend to have in each section. Create a variable for each of these. I tend to use the overall variable name with Q1, Q2, Q3 on the end. 3) Create question slides, I avoided using freeform question type to give me a little bit more control. So I used layers to create the correct and incorrect state for each option. 4) On a correct layer - You can simply add 1 to question score variable and display this if you want to. 5) On an incorrect layer you need to change the state of your varaible for that question number to incorrect. Do this how you want. I literal... Expand