You can convert text to speech right in Storyline 360, and choose the voice and language to make sure every word sounds perfect. Hear several of the available voices in this module.

Tom Kuhlmann
Ian Crook

I'm conflicted. When it comes to drafts for scripts and VO, it's definitely worthwhile to utilize a TTS. However, the end result should always be about the learner and done by a human. Retention comes from many aspects, but right now, a good amount of the learning that instructional designers are developing are 2D and fall into the the cognitive theory of multimedia learning (CTML) When you take away the human inflection, which can communicate just as much as the verbiage, it takes away from the learners verbal model, which can cause the learner to get confused. Instead you have learners who are focusing more on "Why this sounds wrong," which I'm pretty certain isn't a learning objective (:P) TTS has com... Expand

Austin Thompson

Articulate appears to be using Amazon Polly for their voice-to-text engine. My experience is that it better to sign up for Amazon Polly directly, as you get 1 million characters per month free. Why use Polly directly, and not through Articulate? It is simply because Polly supports SSM,L whereas Articulate only offers Plain Text. With SSML, you can control you punctuations and pauses directly in the text. With Articulate's plain text support, you have to edit the audio afterwards to insert the breaks. The problem is, if you make any changes to the dialogue, you lose all your changes and have to redo the editing. Here is an example from AWS Polly site: He was caught up in the game. In the middle of the 10/3/2014 W3C meeting, he shouted, "Score!" quite... Expand

Sandra Whitford