Joanna Kurpiewska

Thanks guys! Happy you like it. Unfortunately I can't share the source file, but basically the functionality is run on this scenario: Step 1 - Every icon (lock) has it's own variable which makes a pair with the other one e.g. pair1A and pair1B, pair2A, pair2B etc. Step 2 - There's another one variable ("pair") which counts how many icons were clicked to check if the matching is correct, "pair" is set to 2. Step 3 - Every time you click an icon 1 adds up to "pair", when pair = 2, a condition is checked whether states of icons (pair1A and pair1B) is selected, or state of pair2A and pair2B is selected etc. (actually it shows an empty layer with a lot of triggers for about half a second). Step 4 - If none of these conditions is true, layer is hidden and the selected icons change thei... Expand