This is one way to use characters in your dos and don'ts list to help learners understand the correct vs. incorrect action to take in different scenarios.

Restaurant Dos and Don

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Martin Marcos

I like the idea of scenarios like this to teach, much more engaging than walls of text, and reaction of people makes it more interesting too. its hard to click on DO and DONT because you have to click precisely on the letters. I think "try again" button should be "back" or "back to scenario", because im not really "trying" anything, im just going over scenarios with a correct and wrong reaction to it. I was at first confused when going over the project, after reading the question i was expecting to see a multiple choice forum but all i saw was DO and DONT, it made no sense at first but got the hang of it later. maybe make it clearer on to go about the project. Having 1 idea per slide, 1 reaction per slide, 1 answer per slide and not putting it all mixed in together is a good idea, it ... Expand