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Mariam Elzean
hello please help I am preparing a master's thesis on gamification and I need some special tools in it The topic of research on the forms of the appearance of time in ...
1 month ago
By Mariam Elzean
Anthony Johnson
Hey everyone, I need help getting started with an assignment I'm tasked with. I need to create a design solution for meeting the needs of learners...
3 months ago
By Anthony Johnson
Dany Cote
Hello, We publish a trainning with 3 modules. The second module is a test and the user can only jump to the third module if is pass the course.. The probleme is ...
4 months ago
By Dany Cote
Kevin Mahaney
Is there any way to have multiple registered users watch the same recorded webinar together remotely? Our department is going full on into Articulate products, and we'...
5 months ago
By Kevin Mahaney
Fesyna fes
Hello, Please advise me on an LMS that can track, report, and export all the correct and incorrect answers from a SCORM course, passed or failed. I have been usi...
6 months ago
By Fesyna fes
Colette van Gerve
Good day all, I need to design content using Articulate Storyline 360 but output for ePUB... is there anyone that have done this before or know if this can be done? Th...
7 months ago
By Colette van Gerve
c. l
Does anyone have a recommendation for a public-facing LMS that also provides the tracking and reporting features of soon-to-be defunct AO?
9 months ago
By c. l
Yanli Chen
I have a desktop computer without built-in audio, I need to do online class tutorials, what do I need to buy to ensure optimal sound quality at the receiving ends of m...
9 months ago
By Yanli Chen
Terry Wakefield
Vimeo made an update to the profile homepage. Ever since the update, our latest Live streamed videos no longer populate on the homepage as the newest video added. We h...
10 months ago
By Terry Wakefield
Ron Fried
We are building a course in Storyline 360, publishing it as HTML5, and manually uploading to Articulate Online. We would like to use the Articulate Online user ID as a...
1 year ago
By Ron Fried
Tammy Barnett
We are struggling to get a trucker safety module ready for use in a kiosk for vendors to use. We have a couple issues: the Print button and the Finish button tha...
over 1 year ago
By Tammy Barnett
Studio 7 Communications
Hello, I found this same issue, without an explanation, on E-Learning Heroes and it dates back 4 years. I have the issue and would really need an explanation. A ...
over 1 year ago
By Studio 7 Communications
Rebecca Patton
I'll start by saying, I have two tickets open trying to resolve these issues. But wanted to see if anyone on here is having issues with reporting in Articulate Online ...
over 1 year ago
By Rebecca Patton
Michael Crawley
While I do not think Articulate has the capability to create a Registration (course sign-up), please advise on recommended tools, processes, workflows for so-doing? &n...
over 1 year ago
By Michael Crawley
Sheila Bulthuis
I'm assessing Articulate Online as a temporary LMS solution for a client, and am hoping you all can help me with something I can't figure out: I want to be able to req...
almost 2 years ago
By Sheila Bulthuis
Jessica  Goldberg
Hello! Does anyone have any recommendations for a easy-to-use LMS for a company of about 2000 employees. I am looking for something that would support training assignm...
over 2 years ago
By Jessica Goldberg
Amber Rominger
Would anyone be willing to share some of your processes for your team? Background: I’m managing all learning content from a group technical writers/facilitators and a...
over 2 years ago
By Amber Rominger
tso shen
How can I get system variables "Use Count" with Javascript API GetVar()? And can I throw or store my configured variables "out of" lesson?
over 2 years ago
By tso shen
Angelo Athanasopoulos
Hello, has anyone published their working modules on Weebly or other website builders like Wix?  Is there one that is better than the other - or others?
over 2 years ago
By Angelo Athanasopoulos
Ashley Terwilliger
While we've always secured Articulate Online logins with encryption, we now encrypt communication when managing and viewing courses, too, so you can be confident your ...
almost 3 years ago
By Ashley Terwilliger