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Dave Baker
Hi, I saw an Articulate webinar which showed you how to create a matrix of headshot GIFs from the Articulate characters (in powerpoint), but I cannot find it. I think ...
6 hours ago
By Dave Baker
Stephen James
Hi. Is there a way to advance animations on a slide by the user clicking for the next animation? (Storyline 360)
11 hours ago
By Stephen James
Dominik Hölter
Hey, I want to create a tab interaction to show 5 different videos which I have recorded with Camtasia. The challenge is that the storyline size should be...
14 hours ago
By Dominik Hölter
Krisztina Koszo
Hello, I am working on a template trivia and I would need your help. There is a dial on the gameboard which you should turn to choose your level. I would like to get r...
22 hours ago
By Krisztina Koszo
Deborah FitzGerald
Hi! I'm brand new to Articulate and I'd like to publish a few of my mini-creations to my Adobe Portfolio website. If anyone has any experience with this and would be w...
3 days ago
By Deborah FitzGerald
Amy O'Donnell
Hello! I'm Amy O'Donnell and I work for Maestro, a learning agency based out of Kalamazoo, Michigan. While we've been busy adapting to this wild new world, we've reali...
7 days ago
By Amy O'Donnell
Chase Roberts
Hi, does can anybody recommend a platform where someone registers to view a video and has points in the video where the user answers some polling questions? Many thank...
15 days ago
By Chase Roberts
Karyn Aberts
This may not be doable, but worth a shot. We have a course evaluation for all courses in order for the learner to receive continuing ed credits. I would like to try to...
24 days ago
By Karyn Aberts
Troy Hackworth
To curate or create? It’s a question that many marketers ask themselves when planning their strategy. Luckily, the answer isn’t one or the other. It’s a combination of...
26 days ago
By Troy Hackworth
Manasa Reddy
"XYZ Inc. has been planning to train its employees on 'Goal Settings'. You have been hired to help them design the training methodology." I don't know how to proceed f...
29 days ago
By Manasa Reddy
Shane Burke
Looking for some advice for software or tools to make the instructional design planning process more efficient. At the moment we use a MS Word template to complete t...
1 month ago
By Shane Burke
Sean West
Hi, Are there any best practices about using an animated image on a real image background i.e. an animated character on a photo of a landscape? Cheers, Se...
1 month ago
By Sean West
Megan Thorne
Hi everyone. My client's goal is to assess learners' ability to interpret specific medical imagery and help them improve their skill in it over time. He has a library ...
1 month ago
By Megan Thorne
Rebecca Withers
Hello! Does anyone have settings that work for them to match loudness in Audition for elearning audio tracks/video tracks for web? Thank you for sharing if you h...
1 month ago
By Rebecca Withers
Mohammad  Hassam
Looking for Volunteers: Who would like to help me with this exciting eLearning project? The project is about creating an eLearning assessment tool to assess the learne...
2 months ago
By Mohammad Hassam
Jeff Lowndes
Hello - I wanted to know what your go to websites where for free-to-use animations and graphics. I have some free to use stock photo websites but I've had a harder tim...
2 months ago
By Jeff Lowndes
Bhavesh Kapadia
Hi, As per our earlier discussion, we are sharing a sample work of our E-Learning Module Development. The module is based on Adaptive Learning concept. Please click o...
2 months ago
By Bhavesh Kapadia
Ron Katz
This week, the challenge (ELC 296) was to show how hotspots and invisible buttons can be used in e-learning. For my interaction, I refreshed a previous...
2 months ago
By Ron Katz
Elizabeth Douglas
hi, I have a choice of either Rise or SL - for an interactive graphic that needs to be published into a part of a Sharepoint page. I had thought I would use an Iframe....
2 months ago
By Elizabeth Douglas
Brave Man
I am looking for sources to buy course ware for strategic Business Management and Strategic Marketing. If anyone can help Lecture Notes Student Notes ...
2 months ago
By Brave Man