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Ashley Click
Hello everyone! I have 2 ideas that I would like some feedback for: 1. Knowledge Check within a training module: I would like to give a learner feedback such when comp...
6 hours ago
By Ashley Click
Hi, is there a way to have a french translation of Reach 360? We want to use it for partners and remote collaborators whom don't always read english, and as the tool i...
14 hours ago
S Harrison
To my understanding the term 'select' instead of 'click' is more of the industry term now and this helps to support accessibility standards. Does anyone have verbiage ...
1 day ago
By S Harrison
eLearn Dev
Introduction: Welcome to our interactive learning experience! If you’ve ever wondered what instructional designers do or how eLearning courses come to life, you’re in ...
2 days ago
By eLearn Dev
Donny Stumpel
I am currently creating an online course for educational purposes. It will be designed for classes with 10-25 students. Each class has 2 teachers. How do I "bundle" th...
3 days ago
By Donny Stumpel
David Clark
What are the most effective ways to keep learners engaged in an e-learning course?
4 days ago
By David Clark
Saman Zulurnain
Hi everyone, I'm Saman Zulqurnain from Funding Move, a proprietary trading firm offering funded accounts to traders. We're exploring how Articulate tools can enhance o...
5 days ago
By Saman Zulurnain
Mehran Mokhtarpour
For my internship at University of Strasbourg, Pole LanSAD, I was tasked with coming up with creative ideas to help promote medical jargon, expressions and vocabulary ...
10 days ago
By Mehran Mokhtarpour
Doug Marshall
I know that the Articulate AI assistant is pending release, but will it allow users to upload an existing course document (.docx or .ppt format) and generate fully-for...
10 days ago
By Doug Marshall
Dave Klein
Just curious how others handle this. We're starting to make our resources more accessible to people who are visually impaired and use screen readers. This can be a lit...
13 days ago
By Dave Klein
kerry ball
I want to have text move nicely along the screen in a nice straight line. I know can animate the text to move to the lft and get the same effect but... Is there an eas...
17 days ago
By kerry ball
Michael Molnar
Hello! A few months back I came across a chart that compared multiple LMSs across 4 quadrants, based on a variety of criteria. The premise was that there is no one bes...
20 days ago
By Michael Molnar
Nikhil  Kursija
Hi All, Please reach out to me if any of you have word with Intrepid LMS. As I have many unanswered questions about the possibilities on Intrepid. Thanks in adva...
21 days ago
By Nikhil Kursija
Joanne Chen
Hi all, When a corporate client wanted to track their staff's progress in our course using their own LMS, we needed a solution that protected our content and control...
22 days ago
By Joanne Chen
Knowledge Centre
Hi, all I'm really hoping someone here managed to successfully integrate xAPI reporting between LinkedIn Learning and Talent LMS and can help me out with my integratio...
2 months ago
By Knowledge Centre
s amer
Has anyone used Chatbase? We are looking to integrate Chatbase with an avatar like SitePal using our knowledge base? and then integrate with our Articulate products. H...
3 months ago
By s amer
Jeroen Verhoeckx
Hello Articulate developers! Does anyone have a modern example of a slide with hotspots? I looked online, but online found dated examples. I'm looking for a modern exa...
3 months ago
By Jeroen Verhoeckx
Kathy Kiernan
Hi, I’d like to anonymously track Storyline course data including pre-test and post-test scores, course duration, and data on whether or not participants are scoring c...
4 months ago
By Kathy Kiernan
Sarah Richards
What platform does everyone use to publish their courses to sell?
4 months ago
By Sarah Richards
Mary James
I needed to make changes to a RISE course I created a few years ago but didn't have access to the original files. I was told repeatedly that it couldn't be done....
5 months ago
By Mary James