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Nuno  Cardoso
I´ve been working on an articulate storyline file that helps the learner to check the minimum system requirement for the courses that I develop. This is the result and...
12 hours ago
By Nuno Cardoso
Aaron Watson
I am looking to build or find a pre-existing game for 5S. I want my audience to be able to pick or select a group of numbers that are thrown onto the page and organize...
12 hours ago
By Kelley Durdella
Victoria Sublette
Hi Gurus! I'm building a kind of board game/adventure game for entering and safely navigating through a prison, where an avatar character follows a path (set of slides...
21 hours ago
By Daniel Canaveral
Abdullah Alyafei
Hi, My application may be out on the subject a little, but not far from the e-learning. My request is: I want to get on some motivational words for e-learning or e-tra...
1 day ago
By Aslam Shah
Tracy Carroll
Glassmorphism is sometimes called the frosted, or virtual glass, look in UI design. The idea is to have a background-blur on an object, giving the impression of...
1 day ago
By Tracy Carroll
Molly Somerville
Hello, I am creating an assessment course and wanted to create custom questions (without using the quizzing feature). If participants answer the question correctly, th...
1 day ago
By Molly Somerville
Brent Shively
Hello! I have been running our company's Academy for internal product training, HR, and compliance over the past two plus years. I want to switch to...
1 day ago
By Brent Shively
Sharath Satagopan
Hi all, I'm trying to create a Johari Window in Storyline 360. I'm facing an issue with the count variable. I created a variable to add 1 if the button is cl...
2 days ago
By Socrates Anastasiou
Bobur Toshmuhamedov
у нас есть 9 числовых переменных при каждом нажатие на переменную выходить скрытый слой. У нас стоит задача 10+3=13 ка сделать так чтобы переменная 1 и переменная 3 по...
2 days ago
By Bobur Toshmuhamedov
Sarah Vaughan
Hi, I'm looking for the best way to communicate about 20 policy changes that will be made at the end of this year. I want it to be somewhat interactive (push a button ...
2 days ago
By Sarah Vaughan
John Thomas
Microsoft exams are very popular in the IT industry and everyone wants to become Microsoft certified. But Microsoft exams are very difficult to prepare. So I need a fe...
2 days ago
By Charlie Johnson
Syed Amjad ali
While I was watching videos on YouTube in regards to gamification in eLearning, all of a sudden, I came across the game PUBG, probably #1 in the gaming industry and th...
2 days ago
By Balaji P
Christopher Boultif
Hello everyone, I'm running into a javascript scenario which I cannot manage on my own. The problem is pretty simple in nature: I need to be able to disable left...
3 days ago
By Christopher Boultif
Phil Mayor
I had an enquiry from a client this week for a game they were trying to build and didn't know how. I gave them a high level overview of how to build it. But the idea w...
3 days ago
By Katherine Lewis White
Tina Braswell
Good morning. I am a fairly new user and am looking for the simplest way to ensure all slides are reviewed before the user may advance. I'm a bit overwhelmed searching...
3 days ago
By Sarah Hodge
By adding a new tab in the player properties panel and assigning it to execute the "window.print();" JavaScript, you can allow your participants to print any/every sli...
3 days ago
By claire clayton
I have a menu with hover sound effects over the buttons. Upon initial visit an instructions layer pops up showing them how to get back to the menu. They are required t...
3 days ago
By D R
Alan Wells
I am creating annual review modules for a few courses that were launched as part of onboarding training. Is there a way to copy a block from an established Rise course...
4 days ago
By Alan Wells
Annie Louden
I'm looking for research that says online instructions should be written in normal, complete sentences. Does anyone know of any? I'm new with my company, and they have...
4 days ago
By Annie Louden
Leia Leiser
Hello community, my small company is starting to sell group packages of our online courses (authored through Rise 360) for clients to host on their own exter...
4 days ago