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Kartik Tyagi
Hi Heroes, Its a long time when I last posted something, today come up with a power-point animation of a sunrise hope all of you like the idea and the concept.
2 days ago
By Kartik Tyagi
Ashi (Neha) Tandon
Hola, Here's another customizable PowerPoint Character. Feel free to use :) Ashi
3 days ago
By Ashi (Neha) Tandon
Jordan Ash
Here is an example I have built showcasing the dials feature in Storyline 3 and Storyline 360. Published output The compass is made up of five dials: One for th...
4 days ago
By Trina Rimmer
Ivonne Fisher
Hello! I've created some music inspired icons in PowerPoint. I'm adding it to the board just in case anyone is interested in downloading. Thanks and Enjoy!
3 days ago
By Ivonne Fisher
Jose Medina
I enjoyed the "View this project in action"demo and PPT presentation. I would like to know where and how are the branching hyperlinks coded, in PowerPoint or as part o...
2 hours ago
By Jose Medina
eLearning mLearning
I am creating simulation for a software in storyline. This simulation has function keys interactivity - F2,F3,F10,F11. I was able to write trigger code - Jump to Slide...
4 hours ago
By Brandon Tanguay
Tania Vercoelen
Download this free circular menu navigation and create a beautiful mobile course.  View it here.
4 hours ago
By Phil Mayor
Steve Heinen
Hi, I have used Presenter and Storyline for some time. Almost all of my training is published inside our LMS. But I need to publish to the web to give access to some c...
5 hours ago
By Steve Heinen
Brain teaser game  
16 hours ago
Kathleen Donnelly
Hoping someone can point me toward an editable map of the US template for PowerPoint or Storyline. Thank you.
20 hours ago
By Melanie Sobie
Tim Strupat
Hi all, in our online academy, learner currently have to wait 1 day before the next module is unlocked for them (e.g. after completion of module 1 they need to wait be...
22 hours ago
By Nancy Woinoski
Richard Hill
Hi all,  It's been an amazing year and with the latest developments from Articulate it's going to be another great one, however I wanted to show you all what can actu...
23 hours ago
By Richard Hill
Matthew Bibby
Have you ever needed to email some information out of Storyline, but didn't know how to set it up? In this tutorial we will write some JavaScript that will grab varia...
24 hours ago
By Matthew Bibby
gary moore
I built an interactive table in Storyline (Articulate 360) on questions related to assertiveness. The user is expected to answer "YES' or "NO" to each question and the...
1 day ago
By Owen Holt
Owen Holt
Concept Create a trivia game that would: Randomly select a category from a list of 5, but limit the selection to only categories containing unanswered questions.  ...
1 day ago
By Owen Holt
Ruth Simmons
Is there a way to have restricted navigation on the first time a learner goes through a course and then free anytime they open the course thereafter? When I open the ...
1 day ago
By Ruth Simmons
Hi, I'm looking to create a custom Storyline progress bar. Can anyone share examples of eLearning courses they've seen that have custom progress bars and different sty...
1 day ago
By Sarah Coyle
Chanelle Charette
Hi! I will be uploading my courses to Bright Space.  Which would be a better course builder for me in this setting, Storyline or Rise.   Thanks!  (total newb, can ...
1 day ago
By Richard Watson
Ivonne Fisher
Hello,  I created a device mockup in PowerPoint for challenge #161. 
1 day ago
By Ivonne Fisher
Ashi (Neha) Tandon
Hola, Here's a hip PowerPoint template designed for challenge 186. Feel free to use/customize. Regards, Ashi
1 day ago
By Ivonne Fisher
Amy Jones
I have added a you tube video through web object. I have followed the instructions, tested the link which is fine but once I have published the module, the video does ...
1 day ago
By David Tait
Kim Rushbrooke
I have created a basic variable that counts 0-10 minutes after watching some tutes on 'intro to variables'.   The project's theme is 'take this 10 minute' challenge, b...
1 day ago
By Allison LaMotte
Trevor Peglowski
Hello Articulate community! My organization is new to the eLearning scene and we're trying to create a unified voice. Our SMEs are used to writing memorandum and othe...
1 day ago
By David Anderson
Ridvan  Saglam
Hi all,  Here's a colorful quiz template that I designed for challenge 184.  Give your learners more freedom! Demo link: Blog post...
1 day ago
By Ridvan Saglam