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Paul Alders
Hey Guys, Here is a new freebie....not in a new week as usual, but when I went through my earlier freebies I noticed that somewhere I missed one, here it...
1 day ago
By Roman Baraniuk
Robert Davis
I have a question from a client that stumped me.  This is regarding a course developed in Storyline 360. This course has both formative quizzes at the end of lessons ...
a moment ago
By Robert Davis
Ian Mondrow
Hi all, I love use the character bundle packs. There is one downside. When creating multiple simulations, its easy to run out of options. This is true for both the an...
43 minutes ago
By Ian Mondrow
Alexander Salas
Hi @Articulate,  I've noticed some of my posts are getting automatically flagged when I add a comment to them on my desktop. I've also seen other threads where is men...
1 hour ago
By Ashley Terwilliger
William Rupert
Can I design my course so that my students can leave and return to the same page later?
2 hours ago
By William Rupert
Jenna Genson
Good morning,  I'm working in Storyline 3 and just published a file to LMS SCORM 1.2. After sending it to my LMS, they emailed back saying that the fonts have changed...
2 hours ago
By Jenna Genson
Ian Anderson
Hey, I am building a library of resources for a team and want to embed some PDFs. The ask from the SME is that the open in a PDF reader so they can then print them of...
2 hours ago
By Ian Anderson
Luka Povreslo
Hello!  I am building a course that needs accessibility for deaf persons added. I am wondering if anyone from the staff or any users have experience what would be be...
3 hours ago
By Luka Povreslo
Roland Straub
Hi all Rise has this very easy to use slide scroll function, as seen on attached screenshot. Is there a similarily easy way to build this kind of interaction within s...
4 hours ago
By Roland Straub
sanjeev jeev
In 1st slide when timeline ends next & previous button will visible from sub layer. On that time when i click menu, menu ll appear and disappear as per the logic. ...
4 hours ago
By sanjeev jeev
Maria Jaeger
Hi! Just wondering if anyone has got tips on how to teach terminology in an engaging way? I have a course I'm making and there's lots of very technical terms and defi...
8 hours ago
By william smith
Kayhan Sanyal
Dear Community I have recently started an eLearning company after graduating from columbia. While building content on storyline I have realized that my storyline prod...
10 hours ago
By Jennifer Dixey
jacki Oriordan
Hey Gurus, What is the trick to keeping software training alive and engaging?  #new articulate user!
14 hours ago
By Allison Goldthorpe
Susann Nutter
I'm using Storyline 3. I developed my course with Flash in mind. But I noticed that Chrome is not supporting Flash somewhere after mid Sept 2017 (now). So I switched t...
14 hours ago
By Susann Nutter
Ant Pugh
Morning Heroes! I've just launched Videobites - a new service delivering bitesized videos for software systems training (i.e. we make short videos to help people lear...
14 hours ago
By Matthew Bibby
Kerry Rasmussen
Hi I am having trouble restricting the user from moving to the next slide until such time they have visited every menu item on the slide.  I have created a T/F variab...
14 hours ago
By Wendy Farmer
paula hill
Hi, has anyone developed a course on mental health without making it too dark or depressing.
16 hours ago
By paula hill
vanessa castonguay
Is there a way to make this cylinder appear to be rotating?
17 hours ago
By Gerald Sale
Jonathan Corcoran
I made this slide using a "submit" button and it worked fine. Once I tried to add triggers so it would in real time display the calories it stopped working. I added t...
19 hours ago
By Jonathan Corcoran
Lacey Simpson
Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas where I could download templates for orientation. I came across one that Nicole Legualt has done but there was no optio...
20 hours ago
By Lacey Simpson
Gen Messier
Hi! I'm getting started on my first projet with Articulate and I'm trying to have a video played only when we click the button (using the trigger). But isn't working.....
22 hours ago
By Chris Perez