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Karlis Sprogis
Hello, Everyone, we built a nice-looking Escape Room game in Articulate Storyline and thought it would be cool to get your opinion about it? Full disclosure: chi...
6 hours ago
By Oscar Larsen
Bianca Woods
Hey everyone! We've been pondering a Rise 360 course creation question and were hoping to get your thoughts on it. When you begin working on a brand new course, which ...
21 hours ago
By Martin Sinclair
Paul Njuguna
Johns's Bold Move - Experience Over Safety Protocol? (Made in Articulate Storyline 360 + a few more apps) This scenario is a must-watch for anyone who wants to learn ...
32 minutes ago
By Paul Njuguna
Saadia Batool
Hi, I was looking at online learning game creation tools like the ones below: Do you have any suggestions for su...
2 hours ago
By Cornie carter
Jodi M. Sansone
Here's a playful button set I created for Challenge #360. I used Pantone Color of the Year 2022, Very Peri and some of its shades. You can customize the co...
2 hours ago
By naveed iqbal
Sr. Dolores Keyser
Does anyone know of a way to import a Canvas Course IMSCC file into Articulate Rise 360 or Storyline 360?
4 hours ago
By Ryan Klotz
Ashley Green
Hi Friends! I'm just curious how many of you have begun experimenting with AI tools (ChatGPT, GPT3 API, AI platforms, etc.) to refine your design and development of e-...
8 hours ago
By Josh Darlington
Merve Satmaz
Hey everyone! I made a cool e-learning project called "The Hidden Power of Self-Motivation" I used ChatGPT to create the content, and made it interactive with Articula...
10 hours ago
By Merve Satmaz
Gerard McCafferty
My company is an existing user of Articulate but is presently evaluating whether to outsource or partner with a third-party e-learning developer. Are there any re...
12 hours ago
By Athi G
Suzann Look
I need to use music under a course and wondered if anyone knows of where there might be completely free music. I have been able to find royalty free music, but it cost...
16 hours ago
By joanne rosanne
Jeff Batt
I wanted to share a template I created. I call it simply QuizTime. Yes, it is your typical Jeopardy Style game but not only do you get points for getting someth...
22 hours ago
By Zed Kay
Natalie Mak
Hi, I am looking to create a dramatic entrance. We want where the fire flames burn down revealing the hidden object. Any ideas? Natalie
1 day ago
By Daniel Canaveral
Martin Sinclair
Hello! I have created a Mario guessing game here (you have to guess as many Mario characters who appear in Mario Kart 8 as you can) It all goes well until you start ...
2 days ago
By Martin Sinclair
By adding a new tab in the player properties panel and assigning it to execute the "window.print();" JavaScript, you can allow your participants to print any/every sli...
3 days ago
By Kurt Sachse
Andrew Bartholomew
My team was hoping to include some sort of baked in bug reporting feature, something where users could report a bug they experienced directly to us while they are goin...
3 days ago
By Sarah Hodge
Sarah Bezanson
I built this for our office to try to get a little team spirit around our waste management and waste reduction efforts. Sharing here both in the hopes of getting some ...
3 days ago
By Natalie Stone
Cath Clapham
Hello everyone, I am looking for a solution to ensure that our newly hired employees read and acknowledge our company procedures. There are a total of 30 PDFs that nee...
4 days ago
By roliisa kaowns
Christine Jones
Hey Everyone, has anyone used ThingLink with Rise and Storyline? I came across this tool and was curious to see if it's worth using.
4 days ago
By roliisa kaowns
Cyd Walker
I was inspired by Eva Daniels and Teresa Moreno using interactive storytelling to help learner’s practice new skills. First run with an interactive storytelling ...
5 days ago
By James Henry
Mike Lasky
Hi All!!! I wanted a counter to count up to a specific number and stop. Kind of like you see on websites where the number of visitors or certificates earned. Nothing f...
6 days ago
By Sarah Hodge
Efrat Maor
Hi, I'm looking for great games that we can embed in our learning solutiobns. I would love to have something in the level e-learning brothers offer (this bundle...
6 days ago
By Diksha singh
Ari Avivi
Does anyone know of a good site, or maybe even have a good graphic, or photograph showing the basic layout of a casino. I need something that would show all the ...
6 days ago
By mughees aslam