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Paul Alders
Hi everyone, All over the world, people in health care are working overtime to take care for the affected patients and diligent research is being done for a vaccine ag...
7 days ago
Kima  Jones
Hi, I posted this in the Storyline forum, but someone mentioned I might get a better response here. I was wondering if anyone has heard of Storyline being ...
a moment ago
By Antonio Bueno
Patty Deutmeyer
I have been working with a manufacturing company and have found that I need to provide training for some basic items such as: Reading a ruler (16ths, 8ths, etc.) Basi...
34 minutes ago
By Patty Deutmeyer
Gabrielle Dwyer
Hello all, We are interested in speaking to Freelance eLearning Developers specifically in Articulate 360 We are currently looking for eLearning developers to work on ...
2 hours ago
By Narendra Singh
Devlin Peck
Hi All! I've seen many people asking for additional help on how to upload Storyline projects using Amazon S3, so I put together a tutorial that should help out. If you...
2 hours ago
By Samira Kharratian
Frances Steinberg
Greetings from NZ where we've just begun a national lockdown for 28 days. I'd love to create the equivalent of an advent calendar so people can open one panel a day, b...
3 hours ago
By David Tait
Craig Brown
Hi everyone. I'm working on an eLearning module in Articulate Storyline 3, and I'm attempting an activity I haven't tried before. It's a drag and drop activity. ...
6 hours ago
By Craig Brown
Adam Dastrup
Hello there, I'm new to Storyline 360 and have a problem with a slide. I want to be able to replay the flashcard scene (see link below), however I've no idea how to. D...
9 hours ago
By Adam Dastrup
Vicki Frucci
Does anyone know if there is a problem with using symbols for answers in a Rise 360 Quiz? The answers to a question is one of 4 symbols. the Learner checks the c...
18 hours ago
By Karl Muller
Russell Killips
I've seen a few posts recently about this game Snakes and Ladders and I decided to try making my own.
18 hours ago
By nabila ghamraoui
Hi everyone, Hope you are hanging in there! I have a bunch, (120) of Adobe Stock images that I'm not going to use and wanted to give back to the community. https...
1 day ago
Gloria Cormier
How do I replicate this look where the 1 of 9 etc is located? Whenever I have used this block the step label always shows up in the top middle of the activity. I...
1 day ago
By Gloria Cormier
Sally Ellis
Came across this great little piece of software called snag it - the paid option is only $48 (U.S). I suppose most people know about it - but i think its great. Much i...
2 days ago
By April Rojo
Jonathan Hill
Hello! Ever since the new Jump to Time trigger went live, I've been investigating how it can be used to repeatedly change the state of an object to animate it like a ...
2 days ago
By Jonathan Hill
Edward Aw
Hi Everyone! I'm completely new to the world of LMS and need your help in finding an LMS for our ministry. We have a lot of materials - written, video, audio, pictoria...
2 days ago
By Sam Lincoln
Kat Fardian
Hey all, I've done a search of the forums and found a few pages with ideas but I wanted to put it out there again in case someone had something new. I'm looking for a ...
2 days ago
By Emmet Brakus
Matthew Bibby
[Edit: Here is an updated tutorial] Here is a Dynamic Workbook that I built with the help of an experienced javascript developer. It allows for a custom workbook to be...
2 days ago
By Joyce Chan Maurais
tin C
Hi, I am new to using sakai, I have published my course in web and want it to upload it to sakia, how do I do it so that students click on it and the course launches.
3 days ago
By Linwood Webb
Sandy Dowell
I am a new user trying to learn ASAP--- I am trying to do a number of interactive activities, and I am unable to find where my "Form View" went? Can someone help me un...
3 days ago
By Sandy Dowell
Samara Reyneke
Hello heroes. My team and I designed an eLearning course on making the best of a lockdown situation. In South Africa, we will be on lockdown for 21 days, starting...
3 days ago
By Alistair Bruce
fiona morrison-arnthal
I have 25+ years experience in the full training cycle from needs, to design, deliver and evaluation (offline) and am now ready to branch off and start my own e-learni...
3 days ago
By Saurabh Chauhan