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Andrzej Jabłoński
For the newest challenge #237, I've created a concept of an interactive map - menu, where you can fly freely and choose the topic. Use the arrows to move the spaceship...
2 hours ago
By Catherynne Mattar
Sarah Bezanson
I built this for our office to try to get a little team spirit around our waste management and waste reduction efforts. Sharing here both in the hopes of getting some ...
10 hours ago
By Sarah Bezanson
Marie Acree
Is there an easy way to track answers that the employee chooses? Any of the answers can be right... we are trying to collect information and report the answers. ...
2 minutes ago
By Pankaj Agrawal
Rick Nusz
Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with TalentLMS? Currently, we are looking to move to a LMS that has more flexibility and options. Most of the popula...
2 hours ago
By Matthew Bibby
Catherynne Mattar
This is a scenario-based project I developed for training our production staff, who work on heavy machinery in an industrial plant. They face various learning challeng...
2 hours ago
By Catherynne Mattar
Francesca M
Hi, I'm looking at creating step by step training videos for a piece of software and I'm considering NOT using audio to save on time. Are there any tips or best practi...
4 hours ago
By Tim Slade
Ilanna Mandel
Hi; A potential client wants to know if you can create the following animation in Storyline? 2 apples fall from a tree Then the apples for an equation: 1 plus 1 equals...
5 hours ago
By Michael Hinze
Stefanie Pielahn
Hi there, I'm new to working on a team using Articulate 360 though I am familiar with Storyline 2 and 3. For 360, with different content creators in different cities o...
5 hours ago
By Stefanie Pielahn
Kelly Hubbard
I recently took over eLearning duties for my company. I have built courses before, but never SCORM packages. After a switch of LMS's I was handed the courses as SCORM ...
7 hours ago
By deepti goil
Nicole Legault
Hey gang, I'm looking to gauge level of interest in starting some local Articulate user groups; I mean interest in terms of attending, participating, and/or hosting th...
8 hours ago
By Rema Merrick
Ramesh saini
Hi, I have create a course and attached the PDF file but my PDF file cannot found after in publish file, i have try many time republish file but same issue facing
9 hours ago
By Wendy Farmer
Nadia Zaid
I've created a ranking interaction where the learner has to rank 5 traits by selecting radio buttons. I'd like them to be able to select only one trait per column and ...
17 hours ago
By Nadia Zaid
Mondy Shaw
I have a template for Multiple Choice questions All is good with layers etc. ... If they select Try Again the layer takes them back to the question......
17 hours ago
By Tim Slade
Anand Morab
Hi, I have set my story size in SL3 to 920 X 540. In the preview slide, it looks fine but when I preview the scene or the published output, the size looks weird as sho...
18 hours ago
By Tim Slade
Syed Amjad ali
Once Adobe Flash was the authoring tool to develop graphically rich user interface and customized functionalities in the course. We were working on a project which req...
21 hours ago
By Syed Amjad ali
Kara Eulgen
Hi there - I'm putting together a portal for our learning courses and my boss is looking for a better or alternative label for the "Compliance" bucket. The purp...
22 hours ago
By Operational Capability
Jenny Roberts
Hi All I need some help please. I have a slide with four images. On hover the image displays a shape with text. This shape covers another image on the base layer. The ...
23 hours ago
By Jenny Roberts
David Goodman
Has anyone used an experienced, external consulting integration company that you worked with for learning projects, organizational and internal community performance a...
1 day ago
By Salah Farouk
Fiedel Laurenz
Hey guys, I want to describe a process in 4 steps using the serenity template. Each step will last around 45 sec. with some interactions and explanation. I'm a little ...
1 day ago
By Paris Granville
Cassandra Filippone
I am wondering if there is a way to create a "download" option at the end of an interactivity, so that students can create a product and take it with them. In this cas...
1 day ago
By Cassandra Filippone
Rena Towles
edit: I have three question and I'm hoping anyone can help me. 1. How do I change the coaches. I went to feedback Master and change the characters, but during th...
1 day ago
By Rena Towles
David Goodman
Is it possible to have access to a specific object like "answer C" in a multiple choice assessment question? I am not interested in the answer string that belongs to a...
1 day ago
By Phil Mayor