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Samuel Apata
The "eLearning chicken" returns as a tourist in NYC's busiest city, Manhattan. Learn about what makes the big apple one of the best destinations in the world with...
16 days ago
By Krantzsy Boursiquot
Kirsten Hite
Sharing the little Online Meeting Bingo game I created for my company with Storyline. I made 10 different cards so teams can play together. Published file: ...
3 days ago
By Theresa French
Steve Nixon
I have a course that uses the tab format to contain videos but I would like to embed a StoryLine course I have in the review server - is this possible? Best, Steve
31 minutes ago
By Steve Nixon
Heather Vogt
Hello! I'd like users to click an icon in a lightbox and go to a new slide (not a lightbox). I see some discussions regarding this, but they're old and unresolved. I t...
41 minutes ago
By Heather Vogt
Andrew Wilson
Hello - I am trying to compile an articulate project plan, where the individual enters in today's date and then the articulate would generate when she/he should comple...
2 hours ago
By Andrew Wilson
Christophe Mallard
Hi, I need a bit of help. One of the buttons in my Table of Contents is not showing its completed state when the scene is completed. Troubleshooted many times and...
6 hours ago
By Joanne Chen
Paula Schmidt
Is it possible to have interactions with videos built in SL360 actually be interactive when you publish the course as a VIDEO? I can insert a video, edit it, add layer...
17 hours ago
By Tom Kuhlmann
Hi Guys, Anybody knows the Articulate Guru Award contest announcement date of 2016. Please let me know anyone know the date. Thanks Prakash
18 hours ago
By Rubina Halwani
Dan Rowson
Is anyone familiar with the new SCORM Content Controller and Equivalents. Looks ideal for distributing multilingual courses through our clients LMS. We're a small comp...
19 hours ago
By Rebecca McAllister
Roni Borri
I'm looking for an innovative solution to a problem, and who better to ask than you wonderful people! I am currently using storyline 360 to explain the career paths in...
20 hours ago
By Michael Hinze
Luke van der Kooij
Hi everyone. I work for a healthcare charity in the UK which is currently responding to the COVID-19 crisis. As a result, we've had to develop training at a very...
22 hours ago
By Luke van der Kooij
David Goodman
We are designing a series of courses and the existing curriculum has modules on business acumen and finance. There are three modules on these topics that are used with...
23 hours ago
By David Goodman
Jay Vazquez
Greetings, I am working on a new quiz and need guidance. I am trying to help reinforce learner's knowledge by changing the graded question interaction. Spe...
23 hours ago
By Jay Vazquez
Ron Katz
I built this to get a better idea of working with States. I later used it in a ga...
1 day ago
By Ron Katz
Jeff Kortenbosch
Hey everyone, I love the new Rise design so much I created a PowerPoint template for those that are not (yet) using it but might want to beef up their design! It's a 7...
1 day ago
By Marie Sardinero
Ron Katz
Choose Your Own E-Learning Challenge Topic (2020) #288 Have you ever wanted to build an interactive game in Storyline? The first step is to gain control of your charac...
1 day ago
By Ron Katz
Diane Leyba
I had this course working perfectly one day ago. I turned it over to reviewers and they had problems with this one slide. I cannot explain why it is not wo...
1 day ago
By Diane Leyba
Kathy Green
Can someone take a look at the attached file and tell me why Choice 5 is not behaving the same as Choices 1-4, as far as the hover and selected states go? What do I ne...
1 day ago
By Kathy Green
Russ Sawchuk
One of the more challenging issues I have faced with using SL is getting consistent volume levels with our narration. The problem has become even more&n...
1 day ago
By Sarah Hodge
Carol Pickering
Hello, I have a project I am working on but just noticed when in preview mode the order of slides in the menu is different from the order in which the slides show when...
2 days ago
By Carol Pickering
Tim Slade
Hey Gang! I'm curious if anyone out there is using the Workday LMS? Here at GoDaddy, we're exploring the possibility of moving to Workday for our LMS vendor and we'd l...
2 days ago
By Shuaib Bardien
Jonathan Hill
Hello! For this week's E-Learning Heroes Challenge (#278), I dusted off this abandoned project that uses the random number variable to power a dynamic feedback / help ...
2 days ago
By Roy Egan