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Kandice Kidd
Hi, I've been interested in ID since my days as a college instructor and now I'm finally in my first year as an eLearning Manager. I love the Articulate training, arti...
7 days ago
By ahtasham shakeel
Janet Sagmeister
I have a slide set with markers ( in Storyline 2). The next button is hidden until all of the markers have been revisited. This part is working fine. ...
1 hour ago
By Bernita Joseph
Peggy Hailstone
Hi all, I'm quite new to ID (about 18 months in, at moment mainly working in e-Learning space, have built 3 courses of ~20 modules). My question is this: what are...
2 hours ago
By Tracy Carroll
Kimberly Goh
Hi Everyone, I've seen a few questions about the best platform to host eLearning modules. If you need a more permanent solution than Temp...
2 hours ago
By Kimberly Goh
Carrie Bearss
Hi I am building an assessment that will be for departments to answers regarding their priorities when it comes to training. I built a Likert and I can't seem to...
3 hours ago
By Carrie Bearss
Tracy Carroll
Managing Pain - Jonathan's Story is a demo in response to Articulate’s E-Learning Heroes Challenge #322: Creating Visual Stories with Interactive Photo Collages.&...
3 hours ago
By Tracy Carroll
Jill Clateman
Hi All, I couldn't find a recent conversation on this, but wondering the current wisdom on whether/if VO narration is needed. I built a 2 hour self-paced ethics or com...
4 hours ago
By Kalena Hornkohl
Media Innowijs
Hi everyone, I'm working on a survey kind of project where there will be a lot of questions that sorts your personality into five types. For example based on wh...
6 hours ago
By Jordan Best
Danny Glass
Hi all, I was wondering if you can point me to some examples where you have represented correct quiz answers as images in SL. For example, for every correct answer the...
16 hours ago
By Razvan Daba
Pierre Grobler
Hi everyone, I am hoping I can tap into the forums creative juices. I am busy building a collection of 15-30 minute performance support e-learning modules, and I...
18 hours ago
By hggf hgfjf
Mr O.
Hello all! I've been a Computers Science educator for over 8 years now. I teach AP Computers Science and Video Game design. My students are tired and fustrated with ol...
19 hours ago
By Math Notermans
Yolanda Kotze
Hi! I have to develop interactive complex storyline flow charts from Visio swimline flow charts. Does anyone have any ideas/templates that could help please? Thanks! Y...
1 day ago
By Sarah Hodge
Ashley Lambert
Hello! I'm fairly new to the field and am working on building some courses. I was curious how seasoned Instructional Designers develop content when they are focused on...
1 day ago
By Sally Wiedenbeck
Nirmal Thomas
Hi there, just wanted to know if there is any way on Articulate to make a flexible interactive video that follows a story? Example - -
1 day ago
By Sarah Hodge
Lids Borden
Just wondering what people's thoughts are on using "Continued" or "cont'd" following a screen title in an online module. Apples Apples cont'd Apples cont'd etc etc...
1 day ago
By Judy Nollet
Jo Craig
I have a slide with three buttons that take you to three different layers when clicked. I have added a count variable to these and then a trigger to show another layer...
1 day ago
By Ang CM
Larry Turner
Repost I think it would be best to be working with the Drag-and-Drop feature, but if anyone sees something that I'm missing, please feel free to steer m...
1 day ago
By Larry Turner
Kirsten Hite
Sharing the little Online Meeting Bingo game I created for my company with Storyline. I made 10 different cards so teams can play together. Published file: ...
1 day ago
By Irene Monk
Brayan Alexander Arias Restrepo
I am thinking of selling my courses and ideally wanted to host them at client's LMSs to minimize our work load. I really want to make sure that selling courses online ...
1 day ago
By Pradnya Maske
Joe Waddington
I've only recently started using Audacity to record and clean up my narration tracks. I've done a lot of scouring for tips and tricks on how to make things sound...
2 days ago
By Barry Abrams
Gustavo Gonzalez
I know this is possible, but I'm not sure how I can go about learning how to make this happen. Does anyone know of any resources for building courses with this type of...
2 days ago
By Matthew Bibby