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Liana Venter
Hi, My University's IT Department was wondering to what extend does Articulate products conform to IMS standards - especially with regards to LTI.
3 days ago
By Liana Venter
Monica James
Articulate Storyline files placed on Google docs will not play as a video file anymore.  In the past I have been able to save my Storyline file on Google docs and shar...
4 days ago
By Monica James
Marc Fletcher
How would I go about setting up my Articulate files/ quizzes (combination of Presenter, Engage, and Quizmaker) to integrate with another software, which has an Open AP...
5 days ago
By Marc Fletcher
chandra Bangalore
Hi All, I have developed website using Angular Js MVC boot strap. I am looking for articulate plugin to play the course material developed using Articulate storyline...
9 days ago
By Gary Forster
Julie Whitt
Could anyone steer me to someone at Articulate who can discuss the API in detail with someone in our IT department?  We are looking to pass registration information fr...
18 days ago
By Julie Whitt
Wei Guo
We haven't used LMS system to collect test score. I make the program in the javascript trigger in the end page following the instruction from Jeff to open a asp webpag...
19 days ago
By Wei Guo
Greg Gilbert
Has anyone done the this program?
23 days ago
By Maree Eilman
Ekta Lall Mittal
Hi, WE are having some issues with playing content in IE 11. Anyone can share some issues they have come across and solution? Our LMS is Saba Appreciate quick replies ...
26 days ago
By Nathan Foshee
Okechukwu Eze
Hi All, I'm an elearning developer/programer. I just deployed an LMS for a client   which works perfectly. I am having issues accessing the content via mobile. I kn...
30 days ago
By Okechukwu Eze
robin karlestedt
Hello all, Anybody got experience from working with Sharepoint LMS, e.g. LMS 365? Would you mind sharing your experience/thoughts? Thanks in advance! Robin
1 month ago
By Andrew Das
Tim McAndrews
Hello, I am looking for an Articulate content developer for a 2 to 3 month contract in the Valencia, CA area.  This person would: -  develop training content for iPa...
2 months ago
By Tim McAndrews
Steve Kelsky
Would anyone be available to help with a simple solution to using the TinCan API LMS Packages with a proprietary LMS?
2 months ago
By Steve Kelsky
Mike Robinson
Hi, I am implementing an LRS using the TinCan API and have been struggling a bit with the responses from Articulate Presenter 13 content. We have build a REST server ...
2 months ago
By Mike Robinson
Garfield StHilaire
I'm new to the custom SDK arena so this may be a quick fix for some. I'm using the custom SDK for storyline and so far I have not made any changes to the CustomFrame....
2 months ago
By Dave Cox
Bryan McCrae
Whilst updating our custom website and migrating to Wordpress, I'm also considering moving our Articulate e-learning (built with Articulate Studio 09 - Flash) from our...
2 months ago
By Bryan McCrae
Anna María
Is anyone experienced in working with Storyline 2 SDK interested in building a custom Storyline 2 player? Please reply to this forum and I will contact you to give yo...
2 months ago
By Abdul Gafoor
hy syzx
How to set sdk to make time to run?
2 months ago
By hy syzx
Desiree Vassios Roosa
With the latest version of Storyline2, (update 8) questions are still scored incorrectly with HTML output when submitting answers. One out of 10 questions is not calcu...
2 months ago
By Lesley Cashman-Peck
Anneleen Tulpin
Hi We would like to make a puzzlegame in which the user selects the picture of the puzzle. So far, so good BUT we would also like for that same picture to be exported...
3 months ago
By Anneleen Tulpin
Zilfos Zilf
It is possible to export the .story file to scorm using the terminal? This will help me when I need to export many courses and it saves me time
3 months ago
By Zilfos Zilf