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David Gustafson
Hi, Is there a storyline api? Can we pull "course completed" data from storyline and then use that to populate a dashboard in a smartphone app? We are going to e...
12 days ago
By Saurabh Chauhan
Daniel Turner
Anyone that has used the API please help me, can you please tell me what reporting is available through the API here?
19 days ago
By Michelle Lynch
Jennifer Cannon
Is there a way to export Variable information to a spreadsheet via a trigger? For example, if the Variables are the Course Name and User Name (so, text fields). Yes, w...
20 days ago
By Phil Mayor
Danny OKeefe
Hi, I am looking for some advice, I'm trying to embed my Rise or Storyline360 content into ServiceNow, I have published my Storyline content to Articulate Online and g...
22 days ago
By Danny OKeefe
Stuart Ryan
Any idea? Articulate\360\Desktop Application\libcef.dll: Win.Trojan.Virut-375 FOUND
24 days ago
By Stuart Ryan
Chetan  Shinde
Hello team, we are facing issue with Articulate rise file pubishing from yesterday. i.e. 10 march 2020. whenever we publish course there is no any error displayed, but...
26 days ago
By Chetan Shinde
Katja Lehmann
Hi! I have learning content available that was created with another authring tool. The only options for export are: .xml and xAPI (TinCan) Is there any option to IMPOR...
28 days ago
By Katja Lehmann
Darren McNeill
Are Scorm commands specific to applications etc? For example is a javascript command for Mark as Completed different to Rise, Storyline, Captivate and other applicatio...
29 days ago
By Darren McNeill
Sue Clarke
Hi All I may just be missing something but I want to edit the audio and cut some content out of a video I have created in storyline 360. I thought you could pull...
1 month ago
By Sue Clarke
DrStella Nemuseso
Greetings , I am just wondering if anyone has used articulate to create health Education Modules for patients
1 month ago
By DrStella Nemuseso
Ryan Bernard
Is there an easy way to embed Javascript in the header of a page, such as the opening page of a course? Would this create problems with SCORM? Here's what we intend ...
1 month ago
By Kaono Lindsey
Annemarie Lake
Hi All, Our company is trying to test SCORM 1.2 on the scorm cloud and it looks like it is not recording all of the testing results (please see the attached screenshot...
2 months ago
By Annemarie Lake
Pradeep Ramachandra
I have gone through most of the discussions on this but still didnt get the right answer.I am using a customized GUI, in that I wanna mute the audio. not pause or play...
2 months ago
By Mark Scofield
Sean Wolak
I am wondering if anyone has tried to upload their Articulate courses into Confluence. If you have can you share what and how you have completed this. I have searched ...
2 months ago
By Tristan Davis
Jins Varghese
When i call API using postman, it throws some 500 errors. Please find the attached screenshot.
2 months ago
By Jins Varghese
Julia Velasquez
Most programs and apps are already going with this theme to switch between light and dark mode. Would anyone would like something that for Articulate in general?
3 months ago
By Julia Velasquez
Global Education
Hello, I do not have much experience with articulate so I apologize beforehand if I am asking for something obvious. We want to export some RISE 360 courses to the web...
3 months ago
By Global Education
Lisa Vasiliadis
Hi Fellow Heroes, I am wondering if anyone has implemented or used LMS365? If so what was your experience like? Do you recommend it? Thanks any feedback will hel...
3 months ago
By Rebecca Hobbs
bhoutik kaneriya
where can i find the description in the course package ? is it in any of the .xml files ?
3 months ago
By bhoutik kaneriya
Rich Seward
Hello, I wondered if anyone has had experience with licensing their courses to third parties for deployment on learning management systems other than your own. My comp...
4 months ago
By Rich Seward