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Ahin Wong
Hi, I write a Flash exercise in Actionscript 3.0 and import to the Articulate Presenter. In the slide setting, I locked the slide.  Now, I want to do is... after the ...
21 hours ago
By Ahin Wong
Mark Ramsey
I've seen that there is a lot of examples for Storyline to set variables in an embedded Flash SWF file. But what if you want the Flash SWF to listen for a change in a ...
1 day ago
By Mark Ramsey
Mark Ramsey
Hi, I was wondering if anyone had done any work in the SDK 2.0. I am converting some work I did earlier SDK 1.0, and have had trouble locating the ColorPicker class. ...
1 day ago
By Mark Ramsey
Brittany  Miltenberger
Was wondering if anyone has had any luck setting up auto builds with Storyline. Publishing each SCORM variant can be time consuming. Anyone automate this process? 
5 days ago
By Brittany Miltenberger
Bouguie Bouguie
I´m working with Storyline, but I want to change the state of lesson and score, when the student visit same slides or do same actions. Storyline control al scorm vari...
7 days ago
By Bouguie Bouguie
Stephen Ray
I have a requirement that after answering a question the next page should show a sample of other trainees answers to give the trainee some insight into how their answe...
9 days ago
By Stephen Ray
Hassan Farooq
Hi I am facing problem with LMS API,  i am getting error code 1008 "Could not get item information right now,Please try again" in SandBox environment. Please Help
10 days ago
By Leslie McKerchie
Mariann Foster
I have a feeling I know the answer, but is there anyway to link to a specific slide in the published file (either Studio or Storyline)? I'm getting this request from s...
13 days ago
By Phil Mayor
Gregory Bailey
Just wondering how difficult it would be for an experienced person to develop the attached player that was created in '09 so it works in version '13?   Thanks very m...
15 days ago
By Gregory Bailey
surya prakash
Hi, I Need to know is there any method to modify the SDK for HTML 5 Output Regards Surya
16 days ago
By surya prakash
Tracy Flynn
Need a quick turn around for an e- learning course on volunteer management. I have the content, need your articulate expertise and collaborative personality to bring i...
16 days ago
By Tracy Flynn
Andrew T
Hi, i download the sdk for storyline 2 and open the CustomFrame.xfl in Flash, Export this file with no modificati...
19 days ago
By Gianluca B
Alex Lapthorne
I'm trying to improve functionality between by lms (LearnDash), LRS (GrassBlade) & Storyline. I use Storyline V1 & xAPI 0.9. The recommended code below does n...
25 days ago
By Pankaj Agrawal
Damo D.
Hello, we would need to take data from LDAP and use it in storyline variable. Actually it is just name and surname. Have some of  you from community done that before ...
26 days ago
By Damo D.
Bobette Vechik
Hello, My organization is using Articulate Online as an interim solution as our LMS in Aptify is in development.  We charge a fee for our courses currently using a th...
1 month ago
By Bobette Vechik
Daniela Slater
My husband used his email back in the Fall as I was experiencing some difficulty.  I want to change my profile from his email to mine.  I don't know why I am also rece...
2 months ago
By Daniela Slater
fon alejandro
Hi, I am inserting swf files with AS3 using articulate presenter 13. I need from the swf the student can move to the next slide or previous , and I require control nav...
2 months ago
By fon alejandro
Luiz Valmont
Team, I'm looking for exceptional Articulate developers. Any suggestions? Thanks! Rgds, Luiz
2 months ago
By Luiz Valmont
Stefano Todaro
Hi, i would like to change the position and size of a line through a slider or a trigger or with javascript when running in a controlled manner by the user. Is it pos...
2 months ago
By Stefano Todaro
alphonso hendricks
Can anyone help? This is the javascript I have loaded on my 1 slide presentation. I have created variables, day1, month1 and year1. var currentDate = new Date()   var...
2 months ago
By alphonso hendricks