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Julia Velasquez
Most programs and apps are already going with this theme to switch between light and dark mode. Would anyone would like something that for Articulate in general?
1 day ago
By Matthew Bibby
Global Education
Hello, I do not have much experience with articulate so I apologize beforehand if I am asking for something obvious. We want to export some RISE 360 courses to the web...
4 days ago
By Global Education
Lisa Vasiliadis
Hi Fellow Heroes, I am wondering if anyone has implemented or used LMS365? If so what was your experience like? Do you recommend it? Thanks any feedback will hel...
5 days ago
By Rebecca Hobbs
bhoutik kaneriya
where can i find the description in the course package ? is it in any of the .xml files ?
9 days ago
By bhoutik kaneriya
Rich Seward
Hello, I wondered if anyone has had experience with licensing their courses to third parties for deployment on learning management systems other than your own. My comp...
26 days ago
By Rich Seward
Pradeep Ramachandra
I have gone through most of the discussions on this but still didnt get the right answer.I am using a customized GUI, in that I wanna mute the audio. not pause or play...
2 months ago
By Kimberly Bourne
James Stevens
Hello fellow Articulate users, I wonder if you are able to assist? We are designing a course where we would like an automated confirmation email containing certain var...
2 months ago
By James Stevens
Maurine  Kwende
Hello team, I'm wondering if anyone can share a sample user acceptance integration testing. We are upgrading our LMS and as part of the integration we need to test use...
3 months ago
By Maurine Kwende
Pam  Ross
I purchased Articulate a couple of months ago and am now having trouble with the laptop it is installed on I need to buy a new computer but don't want to have to purc...
3 months ago
John Beaudoin
Has anyone Published from SL / Rise as Web or xAPI format and been able to "access" the learner's answers / responses from the quiz in your course. I have a need...
3 months ago
By onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)
test test
Hi, thanks for help me, I need return all data about a RunTime SCORM on 1.2. Scene1_Slide6_MultiChoice_0_0 cmi.interactions.5.type: Choice cmi.i...
3 months ago
By test test
Allen Azemia
Hi, We're currently hosting the TinCan version of our training on SCORM Cloud and launching the training inside our Xamarin App using WebView. Currently, the training ...
3 months ago
By Allen Azemia
Lucy Hayman
Hi, i'm pretty new to all this and wanted to see if anyone could help with an error message i am getting. I've created my e-learning package through Storyline 3 and i ...
3 months ago
By Lucy Hayman
Edmund Yang
I am a course provider & wish to have a LMS to support my business. I am contemplating which is a better choice in terms of savings & ease of usage? If I buy a...
3 months ago
By Edmund Yang
Sean Wolak
I am wondering if anyone has tried to upload their Articulate courses into Confluence. If you have can you share what and how you have completed this. I have searched ...
4 months ago
By Sharla McAuliffe
Becky Nield
Hello, I recently purchased a laptop for work and when I publish lessons on it as I had on my PC, the publishing screen opens but is very small and hard to see. ...
4 months ago
By Jerry Engstrom
Erin Defosse
Hello, A Storyline 360 course we have built has several slides that embed a Web Object. The Web Object is used to remotely load a video and have it play using th...
4 months ago
By Erin Defosse
Martin Thøgersen
Hello I'm building a website on which I'd like to display completion of modules in an overview. E.g.: Module 1 (completed) Module 2 (in progress) Module 3 M...
4 months ago
By Martin Thøgersen
John Mortenson
Hi, The goal: Specify pass vs complete with javascript I am hoping to add some javascript code to a set of courses so that I can run a report that will diff...
4 months ago
By John Mortenson
Fred Wang
We recently hit the following exception while try to play a package by Scorm Engine From LMS, the navigation just stops response. The package can be played locally, th...
4 months ago
By Fred Wang