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Bryan McCrae
Whilst updating our custom website and migrating to Wordpress, I'm also considering moving our Articulate e-learning (built with Articulate Studio 09 - Flash) from our...
2 days ago
By Bryan McCrae
Anna María
Is anyone experienced in working with Storyline 2 SDK interested in building a custom Storyline 2 player? Please reply to this forum and I will contact you to give yo...
3 days ago
By Abdul Gafoor
hy syzx
How to set sdk to make time to run?
3 days ago
By hy syzx
chandra Bangalore
Hi All, I have developed website using Angular Js MVC boot strap. I am looking for articulate plugin to play the course material developed using Articulate storyline...
7 days ago
By chandra Bangalore
Desiree Vassios Roosa
With the latest version of Storyline2, (update 8) questions are still scored incorrectly with HTML output when submitting answers. One out of 10 questions is not calcu...
15 days ago
By Lesley Cashman-Peck
Anneleen Tulpin
Hi We would like to make a puzzlegame in which the user selects the picture of the puzzle. So far, so good BUT we would also like for that same picture to be exported...
22 days ago
By Anneleen Tulpin
Zilfos Zilf
It is possible to export the .story file to scorm using the terminal? This will help me when I need to export many courses and it saves me time
23 days ago
By Zilfos Zilf
Pradeep Ramachandra
I have gone through most of the discussions on this but still didnt get the right answer.I am using a customized GUI, in that I wanna mute the audio. not pause or play...
28 days ago
By Yulstar lukimin
Patrick Lortie
Hi, I'm using a javascript to send some data to my database from a quiz in Articulate. When I run the story from the Story.html the script is running, but when I uploa...
1 month ago
By onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)
Suzanne N
Maybe because I didn't click all the correct pictures the first time - but it just made me do 3 different things of choose all the correct pictures. If that is what I...
1 month ago
By Suzanne N
Keith Kemsley
We are looking to hire someone to produce a custom Storyline skin for an upcoming project. Is there someplace I could go to find someone with these skills? Thanks in ...
2 months ago
By Michael Hinze
Shyam Saha
Hi, I have been using Articulate Presenter for some time All my courses are being published using this only All my course viewers accessing my courses using Internet...
2 months ago
By Leslie McKerchie
Aakash Mehta
Hi, I was working  on creating E-learning course and I wanted to increase the width of the menu bar in the player as well as the font and the size of the player. I ha...
2 months ago
By Aakash Mehta
Hetal Vora
Hi, We have an iOS app that plays SCORM content created in Articulate Storyline. We had written custom player files for playing the content. We recently saw that Arti...
2 months ago
By Hetal Vora
Christina Mezzaucella
Hello, How do I know/set up LMSCommit or LMSfinish commands? We have a Quality Management System that we are trying to upload our Articulate Storyline SCORM1.2 docum...
2 months ago
By Christina Mezzaucella
Maggie Lee
Hi, we want to build a mobile APP to launch Storyline Scrom files, but our programming staff have some problem about CDN and CORS. We try to use CDN in the server and...
3 months ago
By Maggie Lee
Phoenix Cavalier
RED ALERT! HTML5 ERROR - FAIL I have a course slated to go live to 30k users on Monday. We previously tested our course on iPads and all was good. Now, in the last t...
3 months ago
By Phoenix Cavalier
Fiona Macelli
I'm looking for a way to have a seekbar that is applied to a whole course rather than seeking only on each individual slide. Discussion of the need is on this thread: ...
3 months ago
By Fiona Macelli
Steve Orr
We have been contacting Articulate support for information about using the Articulate Online API. We have not anything like this before. This is the latest from Suppo...
3 months ago
By Steve Orr
Peak Bagger
We want to customize (more than just the colors ) the Storyline player and the menu, is there a way to do this ? I've readed about an upcoming SDK for Storyline, is ...
3 months ago
By Jay Sprout