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Catherine Fiola
Hi, We have a Rise 360 course from 2019 that we recently did a small amount of text changes, and republished. Learners returning (with an old bookmark) to this n...
11 minutes ago
By Catherine Fiola
Valentin Hahn
Dear Fellow E-Learning Heros, I need your help. I've tried for several weeks and with the help of our corporate support to solve a peculiar problem. We failed. So wha...
1 hour ago
By Valentin Hahn
lionel taponard
Hi, I know this question has been asked several times before on the community. But I would like to know if there was any news on this issue. The issue is : Articu...
1 hour ago
By lionel taponard
Hayley  Lawes
Hi There was an email shot that went out that had an example of how to use rise as a facilitator guide. Is this a template anywhere or can anyone share it again?...
2 hours ago
By Hayley Lawes
Sue Kugler
I'd like to create a sorting activity for our employee career development program where a user can sort through values and place them in one of three categories - most...
21 hours ago
By Sue Kugler
David Stadig
Hi, Working for a client that's currently making a big push into the PRC. We use Vimeo embeds for all video because it makes video asset management easier and the vide...
4 days ago
By David Stadig
-a l
Hello, What LMSs are compatible with Articulate Rise? i.e Blackboard, D2L, Canva, Moodle?
5 days ago
By -a l
Sarah Vaughan
Hi all, I hope everyone is well and keeping safe. Please can I check if anyone has experienced an issue whereby they've deleted a question in Articulate Rise in the Qu...
6 days ago
By Sarah Vaughan
Lisa Sandonato
I'd like to have a Tiled user to click to redirect to a rise course. Is this possible?
13 days ago
By Lisa Sandonato
Frouke Vanhoutte
Hi everyone I’m building a course in Rise in which I added a few Storyline blocks. When the course is used on a mobile phone, the Storyline blocks are black. Once the ...
14 days ago
By Frouke Vanhoutte
Aaron Paul Caguia
Is it okay to download Creative Commons Licensed videos from YouTube and upload them to a Rise course? The course will be published for free use.
20 days ago
By Aaron Paul Caguia
Matt Oleson
In last few courses that I have exported from Rise to Web running into a left navigation spacing issue when opening course in Chrome. I am storing the content in...
27 days ago
By Matt Oleson
Michael Porter, MDE., MLIS, Lawson State Community College
I was wondering if anyone has used or come across an example of Rise 360 being used to create textbooks?
1 month ago
By Michael Porter, MDE., MLIS, Lawson State Community College
Alyssa Gomez
A pre-test can set the stage for your online training and give learners a preview of what's to come in the course. You may also want to use a pre-test to allow learner...
1 month ago
By Alyssa Gomez
Thomas Turrell-Croft
Hello We have created a free wrapper for xAPI (aka Tin Can API) Rise 360 courses, the wrapper adds Single Sign On (SSO) functionality to your courses. No LMS is r...
2 months ago
By Thomas Turrell-Croft
Loik Allain
Dear Sirs, I am writing to inquire about a feature I am not able to locate an answer for. Indeed in the AML e-learning course I am creating, I have included a scenar...
2 months ago
By Loik Allain
Shiloh I
I'm working with a Rise 360 course and wondering if there's any way, using a web export of the course (not LMS), to capture the score output through HTTP, or by using ...
2 months ago
By Shiloh I
Gordon Mak
Hello helpful community members! Long time-reader, first time poster. For those using Articulate Rise 360 and perhaps Cornerstone LMS too, have you found that the&nbsp...
2 months ago
By Gordon Mak
Thomas  Welsh
I'm facing a situation that might be common to many of you: My client uses Absorb LMS. Typically, courses are divided into chapters. Each chapter is a SCORM pac...
2 months ago
By Thomas Welsh
Dorrien Venables
There is a current Rise general tool limitation in not being able to update fonts on buttons in general as well as lesson titles on the home page. Does anyone ha...
3 months ago
By Dorrien Venables