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Learning Development
Hi there, Has anyone experienced this problem: The Continue block that requires you to view the block above before proceeding does not work when the course is viewed i...
3 hours ago
By Learning Development
Felipe Zuñiga
Hello, i have problem with the background image after i publish it
4 hours ago
By Felipe Zuñiga
Julie Stelter
Hi- This problem is occurring more and more. I publish an SL360 scene to 360 Review, but when I go to insert it in RISE, there is NOTHING to choose from and I just pub...
8 hours ago
By Julie Stelter
Lindsey  Jacob
Hello, In the timeline interactive element, is it possible to change the headings of each box? We want to remove the italics, edit font type and size. Thank you
11 hours ago
By Lindsey Jacob
Publishing & Media CZ
Hello all, please, is there any way to set up Articulate courses so that they can be displayed in context in a CAT Tool? Something like thumbnails per string / transla...
14 hours ago
By Publishing & Media CZ
Kazeem Salau
I have uploaded videos to my rise course but I keep stumbling on the error below. The media playback was aborted due to a corruption problem or because the medi...
4 days ago
By Kazeem Salau
Angie Capelle
I am trying to create a flashcard grid in Rise using stock images. When I pull in stock images, the size of the card changes depending on the image (and it looks bad)....
4 days ago
By Angie Capelle
Allison Kenney
Is this a known bug? My review link is not allowing me to publish for review. When I do, I get error message "Something went wrong, try again"
4 days ago
By Allison Kenney
Caryl Gassler
Hi! Will there be updates to the Real Content courses and how would we be able to tell? I've been poking around but don't see a way to know--and maybe there haven't be...
4 days ago
By Caryl Gassler
Raju Ganapathy
Hi, We are very happy to use articulate Rise, but we are facing an issue with file sharing. One of our clients has an articulate Rise Teams license and they are unable...
5 days ago
By Raju Ganapathy
Whitney Lowe
I have a series of Rise modules that are all created out of the same template. In these modules there are a series of block templates I created that I want to reuse in...
5 days ago
By Whitney Lowe
Jessica Del Rosario Dent
Does anyone get an error message with: "The custom error module does not recognize this error" for both 3rd and 4th Edition of SCORM 2004 Rise courses in Cornerstone O...
5 days ago
By Jessica Del Rosario Dent
Greg Gilbert
Videos loaded onto Rise are not showing, although the audio works. Everything worked this morning, but something weird going on now. I'm using Chrome on a Windows 11 H...
5 days ago
By Greg Gilbert
Linda Ingram
I am constantly getting one or both of these errors. This occurs between 3:30pm and 5:30pm on a regular basis. I am situated in South Africa. Is there any reason that ...
5 days ago
By Linda Ingram
Deborah Kelly
Hi I've just read the paragraph below and would like to know if there's a module already created explaining what accessible tools there are in the course for people wi...
5 days ago
By Deborah Kelly
PartTime Users
I have tried to export the course for web, It does let me download a zip file of the course. However, the source code is minified. And I am not able to edit the source...
12 days ago
By PartTime Users
Greg Huber
I'm curious if anyone has found any workarounds to allow for a selection between audio-described or non-audio-described videos in Articulate Rise. Two potential option...
13 days ago
By Greg Huber
Kyle Bracchi
Hello all, Historically we've used static HTML pages with embedded facilitator guides that are hidden by default but shown when a button is clicked and a password is e...
21 days ago
By Kyle Bracchi
Deborah Domican
Hi there, I'm seeking some advice around microservices. Could anybody please provide me with some feedback from when they have used microservices to host courses...
22 days ago
By Deborah Domican
Courtney MacDonald
Hi - I'm trying to embed a Typeform survey with a specific UTM Source code (so that we can track back the results to that specific lesson). Every time I try to ...
24 days ago
By Courtney MacDonald