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Toni Cortez
When I preview my marker, which is only one page, in the upper right hand corner I see < >   Presumably that's to page forward or back within the marker.  How do...
18 hours ago
By Toni Cortez
Sheri Schaffer
Hello - How can I change the name that is automatically appearing at the top of each lesson?  Can I just remove that circled text altogether (see attached)?  Thanks.
22 hours ago
By Sheri Schaffer
Nancy McKernan
How do you download the source files for a course?  We have a license and are using Rise.  
23 hours ago
By Nancy McKernan
Irina Poloubessov
Hello, In Rise when a course is developed, long lesson names are truncated in editor mode (part of the lesson name is hidden) It is fully visible in preview, however m...
1 day ago
By Irina Poloubessov
Ken Haas
I have several Rise courses published as SCORM 1.2.  After loaded on my LMS, if you view the course on an iPhone, completion does not record.  It does record completio...
3 days ago
By Ken Haas
Mary Beth Maidment
We've had heavy demand for localization of our software training.  If you've pursued this, you would know that it's very expensive, and, in our situation, we are updat...
4 days ago
By Mary Beth Maidment
gary caspersz
What LMS can best suited to hold & publish articulate rise modules and take payment and offer student activity reports ? thanks Gary 
4 days ago
By gary caspersz
Anne Baker
I would like a very simple form to be embedded into Rise to collect the name and email of the person at the end of the course.  Google forms look bad as it adds scroll...
8 days ago
By Anne Baker
Angel Christian
Hi, I have been invited to showcase a project that I have created using Rise. Is it okay to use the Articulate Rise logo on my presentation materials please? If yes, ...
9 days ago
By Angel Christian
Cass Netzley
I'm wondering if anyone has changed some of the coding in exported output to completely turn off the application of one of the default Rise labels? If so, could you gi...
10 days ago
By Cass Netzley
Paul Fugate
I have two questions...  Is there a way to create a responsive quiz in Rise?  For example, I am asking students why they are taking my course.  Each response from a l...
12 days ago
By Paul Fugate
Darri Stephens
I wanted to give some context to a final score, similar to a magazine quiz. Can I add a block of copy at the end of a quiz lesson? Any creative workarounds? Thanks
14 days ago
By Darri Stephens
Dan Kimball
Hi everyone, I created a Rise presentation with 3 videos embedded/uploaded to Rise.  After playing it I see that it will pause the videos, spooling,  as the server ma...
15 days ago
By Dan Kimball
David Moreno
After receiving a few inquiries about the localization of courses developed in Articulate Rise, we put together a blog post explaining the process and workarounds need...
18 days ago
By David Moreno
V Raja
Hi, I would like to import custom JavaScript file on each course. Can any one know  Idea? Please share. Thanks.
19 days ago
By V Raja
Gerry Pedraza
Hi, I tried to embed with an iframe but no matter which width and height  I use it always uses scroll bars and does not look well.  Any ideas on how to add it? We tri...
23 days ago
By Gerry Pedraza
Marcus Huzell
Hi, Is there a way to choose the endpoint for a Rise course exported with xAPI? We have an LMS that doesn't support xAPI so we're trying to get around it by putting ...
23 days ago
By Marcus Huzell
Simon Smith
I suspect the answer is a no, but is there any way of embedding local content? I would like to add a stand-alone HTML file into the scormcontent folder after export, a...
29 days ago
By Simon Smith
Travilearn Limited
Does anyone have any tips for how to protect e-learning content.  We're selling our courses publicly and globally, so want to protect the content as much as possible. ...
1 month ago
By Travilearn Limited
Matt Saavedra
It seems Articulate has not created any method for an admin of a team account to change ownership of Rise content created by past team members with a license. Only the...
2 months ago
By Matt Saavedra