Atsumi: A Look Back at E-Learning’s Most Iconic Character #101 

Atsumi: Everyone's Go-To E-Learning Character: Challenge | Recap

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Whoa, e-learning got real this week when the industry’s most iconic character made a surprise visit to the Articulate booth at DevLearn in Las Vegas. 

Yes, her name really is Atsumi and she’s just as engaging in real life as she is in her stock photos.

It was heartwarming to watch e-learning fans share their favorite courses, examples, and poses with Atsumi while the on-site photographer captured the moments.

Atsumi Elearning Icon 

I learned this week that Atsumi is much more than everyone’s go-to character. In many ways, she’s a part of their e-learning family.

Last week we celebrated our 100th e-learning challenge. As we gear up for our next significant milestone, I wanted to look back at some of the community's favorite memories, examples, and stories with Atsumi. And that’s what this week’s challenge is all about!

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to share one or more of your favorite Atsumi e-learning moments. Think of this week’s challenge like an e-learning yearbook or photo album.  

You can share screenshots or project demos featuring Atsumi. Tell us how you’ve used her and the types of roles she’s played in your projects.

As always, we’ll recap your examples next Thursday. In the meantime, please feel free to share your examples all week on Twitter using #ArticulateDL and #ELHchallenge. You can also follow Atsumi on Twitter.

Last Week’s Challenge:

Before you get your pose on, check out the amazing collection of before and after examples your fellow course designers shared in last week’s challenge:  

Before and After Visual Comparisons

Before and After Visual Comparisons #100: Challenge | Recap

Wishing you an Atsumazing  week, E-Learning Heroes!

New to E-Learning Challenges?

The weekly challenges are ongoing opportunities to learn, share, and build your e-learning portfolios. You can jump into any or all of the previous challenges anytime you want. I’ll update the recap posts to include your demos.

Nick Russell

Many thanks for your kind comments. Alex was right. The movies were made in After Effects. The animation was done using the puppet pin tool. You create a mesh around your image and add pins to anchor the parts that you don’t want to move. You then add pins to the areas you want to add subtle movement to – (e.g. Atsumi’s hand). You can then gently move the pins and create animation effects in sync with your background soundtrack; it’s instant animation. The eye irises were cut out from the original images and placed on a new layer. The cut out areas of the original layer were carefully colored in to match the white/grey eye background. This allowed eye movements to be animated. The lip sync was made using Matthias Moehl’s lip-sync add.on for AE. I had only just bought it a year ago ... Expand

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Atsumi Atsumi
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