It’s no secret: videos are an excellent way to engage learners. You can use them to attract your learners’ attention at the start of a course, explain a complex concept, demonstrate how to perform a task or use a piece of software … the possibilities are endless!

However, when using videos, it’s important to think carefully about your audience. If your video contains audio, learners who are hard of hearing, non-native speakers, or taking the course in a noisy environment might not be able to follow the content. That’s where closed captions come in! Closed captions allow learners to grasp what’s going on in a video even if they can’t hear or understand the audio.

Now it’s super easy to upload closed captions to your videos in Rise 360. Simply navigate to the video, click on Edit, choose Manage Captions, enter the language name, and upload your closed caption (VTT) file. That’s all there is to it! Check out the video below to see those steps in action.


You can even include subtitles in multiple languages, so each learner can choose their preferred language. Magnifico!

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Uploading closed captions to your videos in Rise 360 is incredibly easy. For step-by-step instructions, pop on over to this tutorial.

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