Giving feedback is a hot topic, and pretty much everyone has an opinion on how it should be done. One thing that comes up a lot is whether to link back to relevant information when learners give an incorrect answer.

Providing extra resources is a really helpful idea…  but how do you actually build it into your course without breaking the flow? Community members Alexander Salas, Cleon McClure, and I discussed the idea in this thread, originally dedicated to starting your course with a quiz. Here is one way to do it:

1. Add a “Learn More” layer to your quiz slide

"Learn More" Layer

2. Create links to relevant content on your slide layer. When linking to slides in your course, use the lightbox feature in order to prevent learners from actually navigating away from the current slide.

Create Links


3. Add a “Learn More” button to the incorrect layer and link it to the corresponding layer.

Add "Learn More" Button

And like that, you’ve given learners helpful resources without interrupting the flow of your course.

For some great tips on giving effective feedback, check out this article:

What about you? Do you like to link back to relevant content in your feedback? How do you go about it? Don’t be shy, share your comments below!

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