Working with Audio in Articulate Studio

One of the great things about Articulate Studio ’13 is that it makes adding audio to your course a cinch! Whether you’ve got pre-recorded audio to insert or you want to record the narration for your course directly, Studio’s got you covered.

You’ll find all the audio-related features in the same section of the Articulate Ribbon, giving you easy access to everything you’ll need. Today, I’d like to highlight a few key features for you.

Narration in Articulate Presenter Ribbon

Importing Audio

The Import Audio feature in Studio makes it easy for you to select your audio files and assign them to a specific slide. If you have all your audio files ready, simply click on Import Audio and then browse for and select the files you want to import into your project.

Import Audio Window

Note that you can either import audio files one at time or all at once. For help importing multiple audio files in one fell swoop, check out this video tutorial: Import Multiple Videos into Your Articulate Presentation.

Recording Narration

If you don’t have any pre-recorded audio, no worries—you can record your own audio and then add it to your course.

When you click on the Record Narration button, a separate window will open, allowing you to record audio for one or more slides. Your slide notes will appear in a panel on the right-hand side of your screen; you can use them as a guide or even modify them.

Record Narration Window

For tips on how to record high-quality audio without spending the big bucks, take a look at the articles below:

Editing Audio

Once you’ve imported or recorded your audio, you may realize you’d like to make a few edits here and there. No sweat! You can do it right in Studio with the easy-to-use Audio Editor. You can add silences, increase or decrease the volume, add or delete audio, and make other refinements with just a few clicks.  

Audio Editor Window

For more great trips, check out this article: Editing Audio in Articulate Presenter.

Ready, set, record! If you’d like to try out these audio tricks, but don’t have Articulate software, go ahead and download a free 30-day trial. And don’t forget to come back to E-learning Heroes regularly for more helpful advice on everything related to e-learning. Questions? Comments? Share them below!