Check out these examples of dazzling interactions you’ll create in just minutes with Articulate Engage '09.

Let users discover the steps of a linear process. Use the Process interaction to:

  • Illustrate the steps of a process
  • Walk users through a series of related items
  • Explain a workflow or procedure


Labeled Graphic

The Labeled Graphic interaction allows users to identify the key elements of an image. Use the Labeled Graphic interaction to:

  • Highlight details of a photo
  • Call out relevant parts of a graphic
  • Explain features of a software screenshot



The Tabs interaction allows users to explore a group of related items. Use the Tabs interaction to:

  • Walk through a list of related concepts
  • Identify members of a group
  • Compare differences among several objects


Circle Diagram

The Circle Diagram interaction allows users to examine the relationship of items in a circular hierarchy. Use the Circle Diagram interaction to:

  • Show related items within a hierarchy
  • Organize concepts into segments and layers
  • Graphically depict a philosophy or approach



The Timeline interaction allows users to discover the events of a timeline. Use the Timeline interaction to:

  • Step through a series of periods and events
  • Guide users though a continuum
  • Highlight key milestones in a schedule


Media Tour

The Media Tour interaction allows users to step through a series of related images, video, and Flash. Use the Media Tour interaction to:

  • Walk through screenshots of a software application
  • Create a multimedia tour from photographs and videos
  • Provide a how-to manual from a series of images



The FAQ interaction allows users to find the answers to frequently asked questions. Use the FAQ interaction to:

  • Answer commonly asked questions
  • Let users search for solutions to problems
  • Review subject matter in a Q&A format



The Pyramid interaction allows users to explore a hierarchical relationship of related concepts. Use the Pyramid interaction to:

  • Show relationships within a hierarchy
  • Compare levels of importance of related concepts
  • Detail steps in a process or methodology


Guided Image

The Guided Image interaction allows users to examine important parts of an image or diagram. Use the Guided Image interaction to:

  • Step through details of an image
  • Explain significant parts of a graphic



The Glossary interaction allows users to reveal the definitions of words, terms, and phrases. Use the Glossary interaction to:

  • Define commonly used terms
  • Explain technical acronyms
  • Provide understanding of cultural phrases

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