When content is published with the offline viewing feature enabled, you'll have an option to download it to your Articulate Mobile Player library. When you do, you can view it at any time with or without an Internet connection.

Note: Offline viewing isn't currently available for Tin Can API or Articulate Online content. It may be supported in a future version; at that time, the Available Offline slider will appear for content that was published with the offline viewing feature enabled.

Downloading Content for Offline Viewing

  1. Launch the Articulate Mobile Player app.
  2. Tap the content item you want to download to see its information card.
  3. Move the Available Offline switch to Yes.
  4. When the content has finished downloading, just tap the play icon to launch it.

Note: You'll initially need a Wi-Fi Internet connection to download content, but you can view it without an Internet connection thereafter.

Publishing Content for Offline Viewing

You'll only see the Available Offline option when content is published with the offline viewing feature enabled.

To learn more about publishing Articulate content, see these tutorials:

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