Presenter ‘09 has an attachments feature that allows us to bake additional content into our course via a tab on our player. The cool thing about that is, users can get to this information if they need it, but it's not a required part of the course - the attachments are just something that the learner can access if they want to. This is great if you want to give learners the chance to view reference information, or job aids, or maybe some forms that they need to access or print. Another good way to leverage attachments is to provide learners with a printable copy of their slides and/or the slide notes. 


Here's how to add attachments to your presentation:

  1. Open your presentation in PowerPoint and choose Attachments from the Insert part of the Articulate menu.
  2. When the Attachments window appears, enter the title, type (file or link) and path of the attachment you want to add:
  3. Click OK.

If the attachment you added is a link, then users will be able to access it if they're connected to the internet and their permissions allow them to access the URL you entered.

If the attachment you added is a file such as a PDF or a Word document, Presenter bundles a copy of the file itself right along with the published output of your course. When you publish, the file is included in the data/downloads folder of your published output:

Displaying the Attachments Tab on Your Player  

If you publish your course and your attachment tab doesn't appear in the upper-right corner of your player, here are some things to check:

  1. In PowerPoint, select Player Templates from the Articulate menu and then click the Layout tab.
  2. Make sure the box labeled Attachments tab  is marked. If it isn't, mark it and then republish with that same template.
  3. If you still don't see the attachments tab, it's probably because your presentation is displaying in Slide Only view. This is the only view mode in which the attachments tab doesn't appear. You can check out the view modes tutorial for help with changing the view mode of your presentation.

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