Presenter ‘09 makes it easy to sync your slide objects to appear, move, or disappear at just the right moment during your narration. And the good news is, you don’t need to wrestle with PowerPoint’s animation timeline to make it happen! Presenter gives you quick, intuitive tools for syncing animations perfectly with your audio.

Before You Sync

To sync animations in Presenter, you’ll first need to apply animations to your slides in PowerPoint. And in order for Presenter to recognize the animations during the syncing process, your animations need to be set to start “On Click.” This doesn’t mean that your users will need to click something in order for the animations to start. “On Click” is just an animation setting in PowerPoint that enables Presenter to recognize your animations when you use the syncing tool.

Here’s how to apply on-click animations in PowerPoint:

  1. In PowerPoint, select an object on your slide and apply any of Presenter’s supported PowerPoint animations. Presenter supports most of PowerPoint's entrance, exit, emphasis, and motion path effects.
  2. If you want, you can use PowerPoint's custom animation pane to adjust the animation order, or the speed and options of any effect.
  3. For any animations that you plan to sync in Presenter, be sure to leave the Start setting to On Click. This enables Presenter to recognize the animations later when you sync:
    However, it’s okay to use a start setting of With Previous or After Previous if you want to sync multiple items together:

Now You’re Ready!

Once you've added on-click animations to your slides, you're ready to sync! Use whichever of the following options works best for you:

Syncing Animations with Existing Narration
Syncing Animations and Recording Narration at the Same Time