To help you get started quickly with Articulate Presenter '09, we created a series of beginner videos to walk you through the most common features.

Adding and Editing Narration

Recording Narration and Syncing Animations (2:46)
Adding Annotations (2:29)
Importing Existing Audio (1:32)
Editing Audio with the Timeline Audio Editor (3:31)

Adding Multimedia

Adding Quizmaker Quizzes & Surveys (2:22)
Adding Engage Interactions (2:32)
Adding Flash Movies & Videos (0:53)
Adding Web Objects (1:22)
Adding Attachments (1:14)
Adding Classic Learning Games (1:44)

Customizing Your Course

Selecting Slide Properties (3:29)
Setting Presentation Options (1:55)
Customizing Player Templates (2:13)
Creating Custom Color Schemes (1:45)

Publishing Your Course

Previewing & Publishing (2:57)
Viewing a Published Course (3:19)

Creating Branching

Creating Branched Interactions (2:42)

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