Presenter ‘09 gives you a lot of flexibility in the way you customize the outline in your sidebar. One option that some developers like is the flexibility of removing of your options is to So you've customized your sidebar to include a navigation panel in your presentation, because you want users to be able to see the topics covered in your course. But now that you look at your published output, you've noticed that Presenter has applied numbering to your slides—and in fact the numbering shows up in the Outline, Thumbnails, and Notes tabs on your player's sidebar. If you're thinking it might look better if you nix the numbering, that's no problem—it's an easy thing to change. It takes just one tweak to the settings in your player template.

Outline with slide numbers  Outline without slide numbers

Here's how to remove the slide numbering:

  1. Open your presentation in PowerPoint and click Player Templates on the Articulate menu.
  2. Choose the Other tab from the left edge of the window.
  3. Find the box that says Display slide numbers in navigation tabs. Unmark the box.
  4. Click Close and, when prompted, save the change you made to your player template.

When you publish, your sidebar's outline tab, thumbnail tab, and notes tab will be free of slide numbers.