Presenter ‘09 allows you to sync animations with existing audio, or to sync on-the-fly while you record your narration. Most new users find it easiest to sync animations with existing narration. With this option, you record or import your audio first, and then sync animations while playing back the audio. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Record your narration in Presenter, or import an audio file that you’ve created somewhere else.
  2. Make sure that the animations you want to sync are set to "On Click" in the PowerPoint animation pane. Here's why.
  3. In PowerPoint, go to a slide you want to sync. On the Articulate menu, click Sync Animations.
  4. When the sync window appears, click Start Sync. You'll hear your audio narration start playing.
  5. As you listen to the audio, click Next Animation whenever you want an animation to appear. You'll know how many animations are left in the slide because Presenter shows the count just above the Next Animation button.
  6. When you're done, click the stop button or just wait till the narration finishes playing.
  7. Now click the play button to see how things look. If everything plays the way you want, then you're done! Use the slide selector to move to any other slide you'd like to sync. Or, click Save & Close if you're finished.


If things don't quite look the way you want on your first attempt at syncing, you can start over by clicking Start Sync again, and Presenter will replace your previous animation timings when you re-sync. (Note: If you re-sync and the timings don't behave the way you expect, the tip here should resolve the issue.)

Another method of adjusting your timings is to use Presenter's timeline audio editor to fine-tune the timing of individual animations. You can learn more about that here.

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