Articulate Presenter 360 lets you transform PowerPoint slides into online courses. Starting a new project is as easy as creating a new PowerPoint presentation.

Starting a New Presentation

  1. Launch PowerPoint and, if prompted, choose a template.
  2. Before you can work with any Presenter features, you'll need to save your new presentation. Press Ctrl+S or click Save on the Quick Access Toolbar.
  3. Browse to a location on your local hard drive, give your presentation a name, and click Save.

Tip: To avoid unexpected behavior, always save presentations to your local hard drive. For more tips on managing and sharing your project files, see this user guide.

Changing Your Presentation Size

Presenter supports custom slide sizes, so you can choose any dimensions that work for your content. And the best time to change your presentation size is before you add any content. If you change the size after adding content, some objects may need to be resized or rearranged.

To learn more about changing your presentation size, see this user guide.

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