Watch these demos to see how easy it is to create professional-looking assessments with Articulate Quizmaker '09.

Quizmaker ’09 Overview Demo

With Quizmaker ’09, you’ll effortlessly build Flash-based quizzes, assessments, and surveys.

Sample Quiz—Think Like a Manager

Whether you’re a new or seasoned quiz creator, you’ll easily create professional, custom Flash quizzes like these with Quizmaker ’09.

Sample Survey—Employee Satisfaction

Quizmaker ’09 transforms boring questionnaires into professional-looking surveys that'll engage your learners.

Humorous Quiz—Assignment Dinosaur

Humorous Quizmaker ’09 demo blends engaging e-learning content with online resources.

Graded Quiz—State Flags

Thanks to Quizmaker’s clean, friendly interface, you’ll easily apply advanced features like animations and smooth slide transitions.