Quizmaker offers two ways of allowing learners to submit their answers to your quiz questions:

  • Submit one at a time—With this approach, learners submit their answers on a question-by-question basis. Once they submit an answer to a question, they’ll see any question-specific feedback you’ve created for that question, and then they’ll move on. They won’t be able to go back and change their answers (though they will be able to view the question and the answer they submitted, if you’ve enabled a question navigation panel on your quiz player template). This approach is great if you want to show feedback after your questions, or if you want to branch learners to specific places in your quiz based on their answers to specific questions.
  • Submit all at once—With this approach, learners don’t need to make up their mind about their answers until they’re totally finished with the quiz. They can move back and forth among any of the questions, and even change any of their answers, until they submit. Quizmaker won’t display feedback after the questions, because the learners’ choices aren’t officially received till they’re completely finished. This approach works well if you don’t need to show question-specific feedback or use branching, or if you don’t want the learner to know how they did on the quiz until the very end.

Here’s how you can choose the way your learners navigate your quiz:

  1. Open your quiz In Quizmaker and select Player Templates.
  2. A list of quiz player templates appears. If you want, you can select  one of the preloaded quiz player templates that reflects your preference (either Quiz – Submit one at a time or Quiz – submit all at once) and then click Apply to Project and Close. But if you’re working with a quiz player template you’ve already customized a bit, you’ll want to instead make adjustments to that template, rather than switching to a different one. Read on to find out how.
  3. To edit your template, click the Edit button.
  4. Click the Navigation tab.
  5. In the Answer Submission section of the window, click Submit one question at a time or Submit all at once.
  6. If you choose Submit all at once, you can also mark the box below it if you like. This allows users to submit their answers and be finished with the quiz, even if they haven’t completed all the questions.
  7. Click OK and Close.

The next time you publish your quiz, the navigation behavior will reflect whichever of the two options you chose.