In Quizmaker ‘09, one of the ways you can customize the look of your quiz is by using slide view to work with text. It's pretty easy to break out of the standard look with just a few changes to your fonts and text styles. This tutorial takes a look at how to do it.

Set Up Your Quiz Question, Then Go to Slide View

To use any of the techniques here, you'll first need to get to the Slide View of a quiz or survey question. This opens up a free-form editing interface where you can let your creativity drive the look of your slide. Here's how to get there:

  1. Open your quiz or survey in Quizmaker.
  2. Open a question by double-clicking on it.
  3. Click Slide View.

How to Reposition and Stylize Your Text

You can easily move, resize, and stylize the text boxes containing your quiz questions. For most question types, you can also do the same with individual answer choices:

  1. To move or resize a textbox, just select it and drag it to a different location, or drag the handles to resize it.
  2. To stylize an individual block of text on a quiz slide, select it and click the Home tab, and then use any of the text formatting tools.

How to Create and Apply Theme Fonts

One good way to bring consistency to the text in your quiz or survey is to apply theme fonts, so that all your quiz slides use the same fonts. This will also save you time, because you won't need to keep reapplying the same fonts on every quiz question individually. Here's how to create and apply theme fonts:

  1. While in Slide View for any question, choose the Design tab.
  2. Use the Fonts dropdown on the toolbar to select the theme fonts you'd like to apply, or choose Create New Theme Fonts from the bottom of the dropdown list.
  3. If you chose to create new theme fonts, select the font you'd like for the heading font (which is used for question text) and the body font (which is used for answer text and any other text boxes you add). Name your new theme fonts and click Save.

Quizmaker will apply the new theme fonts to the current question as well as any other questions in your quiz (except where you've already applied other fonts in the Slide View of individual questions). New questions you add to the quiz will inherit the new theme fonts too.

How to Customize Text Using Slide Masters

To make additional changes that'll affect text across your quiz, you can customize your slide master:

  1. While in Slide View for any question, choose the View tab and then click Slide Master.
  2. Select the text on your slide master and then use the text-editing tools on the Home tab to stylize the text. The text box entitled Click to edit Master question style will affect question text, and the box entitled Click to edit Master text styles will affect the text for answer choices.
  3. When you're finished, click Close Master View.

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