In this user guide, we'll look at how to zoom the Replay 360 timeline for more precise editing and how to preview your project.

Zooming the Timeline

The easiest way to zoom the timeline is to use your mouse wheel. Move the wheel forward to zoom in. Move the wheel backward to zoom out.

Another option is to use the zoom slider in the lower left corner of the timeline.

Previewing Your Project

Use the play/pause and stop buttons above the timeline to preview your project. (Pressing the spacebar on your keyboard will also play/pause the timeline. For additional keyboard shortcuts, see this user guide.)

To preview just a portion of your project, drag the purple markers beside the playhead to select a time range. Make sure the playhead is inside the selected time range, then use the play/pause and stop buttons to preview the selected time range.

Tip: Double-click the playhead to reset the purple time range markers to their original positions beside the playhead.

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