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Think about the last time you were lost in play: whether you’re picturing an action-packed video game or a heated round of Monopoly with friends, there are some common elements. You’re likely to remember your sense of focus and motivation. You were in the zone.

Feeling immersed in an experience isn’t just fun, it’s also a sweet spot for learning. The best e-learning games make learning new skills positively addictive.

Interested in building a learning game, but not sure where to start? These five examples can provide some handy inspiration:

  1. Think you know your stuff when it comes to Nintendo’s character Mario? This fun quiz game by John Toh may have you second-guessing your knowledge.
  2. Quick! Complete each sentence correctly in this fast-paced language game by Ridvan Saglam. (P.S. It’s also available for download.)
  3. Become enchanted by Matt Aldred’s atmospheric game Tenebris. Make sure you have your headphones on and some uninterrupted time to play.
  4. Test your knowledge and your reflexes in this matching game by Ricky Snodgrass.
  5. Give yourself a brain break to refresh your coffee and indulge in Chris Hodgson’s impressive remake of a classic arcade game.

This is not, by any means, an exhaustive list of the incredible games by E-Learning Heroes community members. Be sure to check out the examples hub for more. And for all the apps and resources you need to power up your e-learning games and your course development process, give Articulate 360 a try for 30 days free.

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