e-learning game round-up example illustrated header image with character holding giant game controller 

Think about the last time you were lost in play: whether you’re picturing an action-packed video game or a heated round of Monopoly with friends, there are some common elements. You’re likely to remember your sense of focus and motivation. You were in the zone.

Feeling immersed in an experience isn’t just fun, it’s also a sweet spot for learning. The best e-learning games make learning new skills positively addictive.

Interested in building a learning game, but not sure where to start? These five examples built in Storyline 360 are sure to inspire you:

  1. Think liability is a dry topic that’s sure to put learners to sleep? Think again! This 8-bit game-inspired example signed Jonathan Hill looks and feels so much like a video game, you might actually forget you’re learning.
  2. On your mark, set, hit your arrow keys! This simple yet effective e-learning game by Reggie Jose is sure to bring out your competitive side as you attempt to avoid obstacles and answer questions correctly to advance along the quest.
  3. Math often gets a bad rap, but this fun balloon game built by Jon Mercer will make all your preconceptions float away.
  4. See if you can make it to the top of the mountain before you run out of supplies in this mountain adventure game by Root Bradford.
  5. This treasure hunt by Alex Jinca is a great example of how thoughtful design and beautiful illustrations can turn a simple concept into an engaging interaction.

This is not, by any means, an exhaustive list of the incredible games by E-Learning Heroes community members. Be sure to check out the examples hub for more. And for all the apps and resources you need to power up your e-learning games and your course development process, give Articulate 360 a try for 30 days free.