illustrated hero image of a character pulling an oversize progress bar across a giant screen

Progress bars keep learners on track by showing them how far they’ve gone in your course and how far they have left to go. As an e-learning developer, you have the opportunity to make your progress bars gorgeous, fun, and even instructive in their own right. A little attention to detail goes a long way in making the experience unique.

We’ve collected some of our favorite progress bar examples from the E-Learning Community to inspire your work. Enjoy!

  1. In this example, Tania Vercoelen uses text variables and a unique progress bar to make her quiz stand out.
  2. The progress bar in Richard Watson’s sports car trivia course inspires learners to perform better and race to the finish line.
  3. Joanna Kurpiewska uses a custom progress meter to enhance learner understanding of her course topic.
  4. In her course about German culture, Jackie Van Nice charts learners’ paths across a map of the country.
  5. Younger learners will appreciate the gamified elements and progress markers in Veronica Budnikas’s elementary math course.
  6. Montse Anderson provides a gorgeous example of a well-designed and stylishly integrated course progress meter in this medical-themed assessment.

There are a lot more examples of progress meters in this E-Learning Challenge, and it’s still open so you can share your own! You can also explore our examples hub for more progress meters and other great work. And for all the apps and resources you need to advance your course development process, give Articulate 360 a try for 30 days free.

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