Using Checklist Interactions in E-Learning (2019) #252

Checklist Interactions in E-Learning #252: Challenge | Recap

Checklist interactions are a great solution when you need to list materials, products, ingredients, action items, and more. 

You can also use checklist-style interactions to let your learners:

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to share an example that demonstrates how checklist interactions can be used in e-learning.

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Jodi Sansone
Jodi Sansone
Jodi Sansone
Jeff Nunamaker

Pulled this single interaction out of an eLearning I recently built at work. Had to scrub all the pertinent info, as well as break the web object, but the checklist still works - for the most part... Demo: This is part of a Product & Service certification program where the learner is also being taught to self-serve by finding information in our online knowledge-base in addition to learning about the product/service. They would be met with this interaction as a review for that product and/or service which they would have already learned about through the module. As a side note, the bottom boxes would normally fill and check complete in the full module as the learner moves through the module for visual feedback on progress. Since it is a work project, I w... Expand

Shannon Perry
Jodi Sansone
Ernesto Yannini
Tracy Carroll
Jodi Sansone
Karlis Sprogis
Julianna Bojko
Andrzej Jabłoński
Nick Russell
Nick Russell
Alex Jinca
Alex Jinca
Esther M.
Joanne Chen

It's been a long time not participanting in the challenges. Recently, I am working on an accessibility course which is really a challnge to create one course for all different disabled persons, visual impaired, hearing impaired, physical disabled. My client not only requires an accessibilty course but also a very high interactions(50%) of the course. Howerer, high interactivity can be a big challenge for some disabled people, so how to make the balance is another challenge for instructional designer. Ok, here is a demo for the course which was in Chinese but I translated some text into English so you can better understand how I use checklist interaction for users to choose what they accessibility features they like to use in the whole course. Expand