Creative Button Styles and Effects in E-Learning

Animated Button Effects #89: Challenge | Recap

I like buttons. There, I said it.

Those simple, ubiquitous little graphics are one of the easiest ways to prompt learners to touch the screen. From animated submit buttons to the despised next button, there are countless designs, styles, and effects to choose from. You can pack a lot of engagement into three basic states:

Button Hover Effects

This week’s challenge is all about buttons. I’ve rounded up a few sites that feature creative hover effects. While not all hover styles and effects are possible in Storyline, there are a lot of creative ideas to help you create your own buttons.

Icon Hover Effects

Here’s a great collection of simple hover effects for circular buttons. Most of the effects can be applied to other button shapes.

Icon Hover Effects

View Icon Hover Effects

Creative Button Styles

Here are some more ideas for subtle hover styles and effects for buttons. I really like the ghost effect used in the hover states.

Creative Button Styles

View Creative Button Styles

CSS3 Button Hover Effects

Great collection of hover effects for buttons. Even though some of the effects aren't possible, there are still many ways to achieve the overall essence of the effects.

CSS3 Button Hover Effects

View CSS3 Hover Effects

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to have fun with buttons! Play with different shapes, styles, and effects to show how you can use buttons creatively in e-learning. Be sure to include the Normal, Hover, and Selected states in your work.

Using Storyline for this week’s challenge? Please consider sharing your .story files. Button graphics make great giveaways and the source files will help a lot of users get up to speed with more advanced button concepts.

Not using Storyline? No problem! You can mock up your 3-state buttons designs in PowerPoint or any other tool. We’re mostly interested in seeing your creative button ideas.


The Ultimate Guide to Buttons in Storyline 2: Fantastic resource on using buttons in Storyline 2.

Tips for Creating Great Buttons That Stand Out: Bookmark this article for tips on common button characteristics and ideas for creating engaging buttons.

E-Learning Icons: Show and Share Your Favorite Styles #78: Icon challenge with some great tips and examples for creating your own graphics.

In Defense of Eye Candy: Great article that makes the case for design and beauty in web interfaces. The same research applies to the types of graphics we build in e-learning.

Last Week’s Challenge:

Before you begin animating your next buttons, check out the soundboards your fellow community members shared in last week's audio challenge:

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Wishing you a button-tastic week, E-Learning Heroes!

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