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Digital Magazines for E-Learning #58: Challenge | Recap

A few weeks ago Charles Hamper posted a request for digital magazine examples created with Articulate software. The thread didn't get a lot of replies, but the topic is highly relevant for course designers.

That’s because digital magazines and e-learning courses have a lot in common. They both use the same design elements (text, graphics, audio, video) and often share similar layouts.

Digital Magazines for Learning

They also share similar navigation schemes. In most cases, this means removing the player’s default menu and placing custom navigation controls on the slides.

Give your course an app-like feel

Video tutorial: Give your courses an app-like feel

Finally, both digital magazines and e-learning courses often use text as the primary means for presenting information. The emphasis on text is good news for course designers seeking new ways to create engaging read-only courses.

Text-based courses

Before you jump into this week’s challenge, take a quick look at some popular digital magazines.

The Daily

My all-time favorite digital magazine was The Daily. It did a really great job integrating video, multimedia, embedded interactions, and clickable graphics into news stories.

Unfortunately, The Daily closed in late 2012. You can view a video overview of the app on YouTube.

The Daily


Another magazine app I subscribe to is WIRED. They don’t include as much multimedia as The Daily, but they do a really good job re-using interactive templates.


National Geographic

I haven’t looked at this app in a while but they’re always mentioned as one of the better interactive magazines. Last week Kimberly Bourque shared some screenshots from a recent issue. Subscription: activated.

National Geographic

Challenge of the week

This week your challenge is to design a digital learning magazine. 

If you’re limited on time, try mocking up some design comps on how your magazine will look. You don’t have to build a fully working prototype—just create some simple design comps of possible slides. 

Try to include at least three different layout or content ideas.


For inspiration, check out some of the more popular digital magazines. 

Magazine apps:

Video overviews of digital magazines:

Blog posts:

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Last week’s e-learning challenge:

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E-Learning Challenge #57: Challenge | Recap

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So many great entries this week! Tim - Love the slick design, as usual - I’m always so jealous of your mad design skills :P Jackie - I need to follow Step 2 this week, so maybe I should find a secluded cottage? Kristin - This looks like something I would pay to subscribe to read! Mel - the click noises work for me! Beautiful design as always :) Dan - I just saw Interstellar, so this one was particularly relevant :P Joanna - Loved the drag and drop interaction! I was actually going to take a ‘cat’ approach to my entry this week, so I found this quite entertaining. Charles - I always love your entries; they’re always so clean and well-designed. Mel (2nd entry) - Glad to see you’re enjoying this challenge :) My only critique for this one is that I found reading some o... Expand

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