Share An E-Learning Valentine Game, Template, or Interaction 2019 #219

Valentine's Day Interactions #219: Challenge | Recap

Whether your e-learning valentine is a special someone or a special project, you can help your fellow community members get a jump on finding e-learning love by sharing your favorite Valentine’s Day game, template, or interactive infographic.  

We know you’re busy, so we’re making this week’s challenge an easy one. Here are a few lovely examples to get your creative heart pumping.

Hugs ‘n’ Kisses

Here’s a creative version of everyone’s favorite childhood game. Shared in the community on Valentine’s Day, this e-learning game is a great opportunity to learn advanced Storyline techniques.

Hugs ‘n’ Kisses

View project | Download

Love Letter Mad Libs

Get ready for some romance themed silliness with this mad-lib Valentine. Storyline variables make it easy to create this fun interaction!

Love Letter Mad Libs

View project | Download source

 Valentine's Day Challenge #70

Check out the sweet examples from our first Valentine's Day challenge in 2017.


Challenge of the Week

This week your challenge is to design an interactive graphic, demo, or activity that features a Valentine’s Day theme.

Suggested interactions:

  • History of Valentine’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day Around the World
  • Top 10 Things To Do On Valentine’s Day
  • Saint Valentine: Facts vs. Legends
  • Interactive Valentine’s Day Cards
  • Valentine’s Day Recipes

Last Week’s Challenge

Before you put your heart into this week's challenge, check out the buzzworthy personality quizzes your fellow community members shared over the past week:

Personality Quizzes in E-Learning

Personality Quizzes in E-Learning #218: Challenge | Recap

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