Using Photo Mosaics to Design Interactive Stories #459

Interactive Photo Collages in E-Learning #459: Challenge | Recap

Visual Storytelling with Photo Collages

  • Build an interactive slide or course from a single image
  • Get rid of bullet points
  • You don't need to be a photographer to make this work
  • Use your own photos or prebuilt stock photo collages
  • Create multiple panel layouts similar t comic books

From straightforward panel layouts to asymmetrical compositions, photo collages offer a quick and effective way to craft image-driven stories using stock photo collages. 

Here's a simple mockup of how the effect can work from a stock photo.

A quick search in your favorite stock photo site returns a variety of photo collage styles and possibilities. Here are two more ideas:

Photo Collage Examples

To learn more about this creative effect, check out Tom's post on converting courses to interactions with photo stories.

Challenge of the week

This week, your challenge is to create an interactive story around a photo collage. You can use placeholder photos and graphics or rework an existing project into a photo collage.

Want some examples? Check out the ELC322 recap for community examples of this effect.

Here are a few ideas to get you started

  • Design your story around a common problem or challenge
  • Rework an existing scenario or interaction using a photo collage
  • Use the built-in characters (illustrated and photographic), which include multiple expressions and poses
  • Map collages are ideal for interactive org charts or customer profiles

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Check out the spinning wheel and roulette-inspired examples from last week's challenge:

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