E-Learning Career Tips

E-Learning Heroes has the tools you need to help you do your best work: free downloads, useful how-tos, helpful discussions—the works!

But to be wildly successful next year, you’ll need more than just the right tools. If your goal is to attract higher-paying gigs or land that promotion, you’ll also need a solid game plan.

E-Learning Heroes can help here, too. It’s full of insights on building your career, boosting your reputation, and connecting with new customers.

As you prepare for a new year of challenges and opportunities, check out 2015’s most popular articles and discussions on shaping your professional legacy. Here we go:

  1. This year, start with you. Consider your personality, your mission, and your vision. Then, use the tips in this post to help turn that info into your personal brand.
  2. If cultivating a personal brand sounds daunting, don’t worry. You can get started right here on E-Learning Heroes.
  3. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your E-Learning Heroes profile with these how-tos. Not only does your profile help members of the community quickly get to know you, it’s also an easy way to showcase your work, no website necessary.
  4. Social media is another helpful tool for building your e-learning brand. Here’s how to pick your networks, and start growing your following.
  5. Help prospective customers know who you are and what you do with a punchy company name. Use these suggestions from the E-Learning Heroes community to pick a great one.
  6. The best gigs are the ones where you and your employer are aligned about the culture, your role, and the chance to grow. Here’s what to ask at your next interview to ensure a good fit.
  7. The year 2016 will present some challenges. Some of these will be design challenges, like that slide that just isn’t coming together. Don’t fret. Read this.
  8. Another challenge you may face this year is dealing with an unhappy customer. Having your work come under fire is stressful. The E-Learning Heroes community is here to help.
  9. Looking to grow your current circle of clients and to push your skills a little? Here are some tried-and-true strategies for finding exciting new e-learning clients and projects this year.
  10. One of the best ways to get your name out there is by giving presentations at industry conferences. But it’s tough to design a session that gets noticed! We went straight to the pros to get insights on writing—and delivering—conference sessions that rock.

As you look for your next big opportunity or awesome hire, be sure to check out our jobs hub. Here, you can connect with the world’s largest e-learning community, all in one place.

And, of course, keep coming back to E-Learning Heroes for all of our “Best of 2015” articles, including examples, how-tos, and more. Bring it on, 2016!