Best of 2015: Learn from the 7 Most Useful E-Learning Heroes Discussions

When you love what you do, you don’t want to keep it a secret. You’re looking for collaborators, teachers, and friends who share your enthusiasm. You want to find a supportive community.

Enter the E-Learning Heroes forums. Every day e-learning pros from all over the world come to the forums to share their experience, insights, and ideas with one another, offering heaps of opportunities for you to learn and develop your skills—whether you’re answering questions or asking them. 

To celebrate the growth and connection happening on the E-Learning Heroes forums, we compiled this list of the seven most useful discussions from 2015. Check ‘em out:

  1. Trust the E-Learning Heroes community commitment to getting rid of boring e-learning forever! Bookmark this discussion to get tips on making even snooze-worthy content fresh and relevant.
  2. Roll out a warm welcome to all the newbies from the E-Learning Heroes community. If you know anyone who’s completely new to e-learning, do them a favor and send this discussion their way. If you have advice that no one has mentioned, be sure to add your tip!
  3. Feeling limited by your client’s brand guidelines? The tips in this discussion can help you strike a good balance between following their rules and avoiding being limited by them.
  4. Want to know where E-Learning Heroes community members find design inspiration? This lively conversation is chock-full of trends to check out, as well as links to beautiful sites and e-learning eye-candy.
  5. Need to sell the importance of what you do? That can be stressful. In this discussion, the community helped draft a one-pager on the value of instructional design for a poster to share with her boss.
  6. What do you do when a whole bunch of your clients need compliance course updates all at the same time and on tight deadlines? Here’s some advice.
  7. Try this awesome example of a new e-learning author getting a big e-learning community hug! When the original poster wasn’t sure how to build out an e-learning module, folks jumped in with great suggestions.

If you have a burning question about instructional design, e-learning development, or even career development, someone in the E-Learning Heroes discussions has a solution. You may also have the answer to someone else’s e-learning question, in which case, chime in!