Best of 2015: Level-Up Your E-Learning with Our Top 10 Storyline How-Tos

Want to take your e-learning to the next level? Here are some great ways to get started! Dive into these Articulate Storyline how-tos and we’ll show you how to quickly create interactivity, leverage free templates to boost your productivity, and give courses a fun gamified feel.

It’s easy to grab your learners’ attention and get work done when you have the right tools. Try these top how-tos from 2015:

  1. Let David walk you through his strategy for creating a drag-and-drop game with Storyline 2. It’s a playful way to help learners take a healthier approach to planning their dinner.
  2. Get tips on using interactive conversations to engage learners in Ryan Martin’s fun how-to and demo.
  3. Learn four ways you can give your course a modern app-like feel that’s easy for learners to navigate.
  4. Gamify your course by letting learners choose their own avatar—here’s how
  5. See how David created this around-the-world learning game. You’ll love the interactive graphics and intuitive navigation.
  6. Get great strategies for jazzing up boring content in this how-to.
  7. E-learning developer Josh Stoner shows you his cool trick for creating a menu button nesting effect.
  8. See how you can add custom quizzes and interactions with freeform questions in this deep dive.
  9. Learn to make text zoom in and out of your interaction in this video tutorial.
  10. Make all the buttons you can imagine with the tips in this in-depth guide.

Interested in boning up on the basics? Take a deep dive into the Storyline 2 tutorial. Need help? Share your quandary in the Storyline 2 forum.  

This is the second list in our Best of 2015 series. Take a peek at the most popular e-learning examples of 2015 here and keep your eyes on E-Learning Heroes all month long for even more good stuff.

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