Best of 2015: Top 10 E-Learning Time-Savers

This holiday season, we’re giving you a pretty fabulous gift: time! We’ve got tons of time-saving strategies to help you create effective, pro-looking e-learning—fast. And we’ve rounded them up all in one place to—you guessed it—save you time.

Check out the top time-savers of 2015:  

  1. Watch as David shows you how easy it is to create compelling interactivity with Storyline 2 in our Five Minutes to Fantastic series. In the first video, you’ll learn how to create a checklist interaction in Storyline in five minutes or less.
  2. Discover Trina’s insider tips for leveraging templates to boost your productivity in this series of 10-Minute Template Transformations.
  3. Learn to build a notecard interaction in five minutes or less in this awesome Five Minutes to Fantastic tutorial.
  4. Get an intro to six free tools that will help you save time when choosing images, editing photos, designing a color scheme, and more.
  5. Love tabs interactions? Who doesn’t! Here’s how you can build a tabs template in under five minutes.
  6. Turbo-boost your productivity with free templates and graphics downloads. Here are six quick tricks that will help you customize freebies in no time.
  7. Stuck on a project? Figure out what’s holding you up instantly with this e-learning project troubleshooting checklist.
  8. Create an interactive timeline in the time it takes to brew a pot of coffee with the techniques in this Storyline tutorial video.
  9. Get an inside peek into how Articulate pros get things done, including their productivity hacks and tips.
  10. Be the star of your e-learning team when you whip up a drag-and-drop in five short minutes. Learn how in this Five Minutes to Fantastic video.

We hope these tips and strategies will help you be even more productive in 2016. Don’t miss all of the stuff we’re sharing in our Best of 2015 series, including awesome examples, great Storyline how-tos, and more.