In this tutorial we’ll explore how to add the basic types of content you may use when first getting started with Presenter including text, characters, pictures and animations. 

Watch this video first, then follow the steps below to practice.

Practice Activity

You can  download the practice files here

We'll get started by building a simple slide in PowerPoint that includes some text, a character, pictures and animations. You'll build a screen like the one you see below.

  • Insert these four pictures provided in the set of practice files: Foyer.jpg, HomeExterior.jpg, LivingRoom.jpg and MediaRoom.jpg 
  • Resize and arrange these pictures as shown above. 
  • Use a text box to add the title text: Real Estate 201
  • Increase the font size of your title and change the text color to white. 
  • Insert a photographic character and place it in the bottom left corner of your slide.  

Now we'll add two more slides using basic elements to create slides that look something like the following examples.

Slide 2: 

Slide 3: 

Slides 4,5 and 6 use the "1_Title and Content " layout available in the practice file. TIP: You can change the slide layout by clicking the Layout button on the Home tab. 

Slide 4:

Slide 5:

Slide 6:

Go to PowerPoint's Outline tab to rename your slides as follows: 

Finally we will apply the following animations to our slides: 

  • Slide 1: Apply a Fade entrance animation to the three small pictures at the bottom of the slide. 
  • Slide 2: Apply a Fade entrance animation to the bullet list with the By Paragraph option. 

Now we have created a few slides with basic content including text, shapes, pictures, characters, and animations. In our next tutorial we will take a look at adding audio and syncing animations.