In this tutorial we'll create a basic quiz by adding content to your questions in Form View and practice using some of Articulate Quizmaker's common features. 

Watch this video first, then follow the steps below to practice. 

Practice Activity

Here's a folder with some practice files for you to download.

We'll get started by creating a simple multiple choice question. 

  • Create a new Graded Question and select Multiple Choice from the Graded Question tab. 
  • This opens a question form where you can add your content.

  • Add a question: What is my name?
  • Add some choices: David, Mike, and Tom
  • Select the correct answer: Mike
  • Stick with the default feedback and Preview the question.

Next we'll adjust some of your quiz settings. 

  • Set the number of attempts allowed to 3.
  • Shuffle your quiz answers.
  • Preview your question again and notice the differences. 

Now it’s your turn. Create a couple of questions and try out a few different settings for each.

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In this tutorial we learned how to create basic questions. In our next tutorial we'll look at how to enhance your questions by working in Slide View.

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