In the previous tutorial we learned how to quickly add questions while working in Form View. In this tutorial, we'll build upon that to learn how working in Slide View gives you complete control over the visual appearance of your slides. 

Watch this video first, then follow the steps below to practice. 

Practice Activity

Here's a set of practices files you can download.

We'll start by making some design enhancements that include applying a new design, working with the timeline and applying some animation effects. 

  • Select a new quiz theme from the Design tab.
  • Use the Timeline to delay the appearance of the multiple choice answer options so that they appear 1 second into the slide timeline. 
  • From the Animation tab, apply a Fade In (All At Once) entrance animation to the multiple choice answer options.

Next, we'll rearrange your answers and add some pictures to create a question slide that looks something like the one you see below. 

  • Decrease the width of each answer option and rearrange them so they are distributed horizontally across the middle of your slide.
  • Use the Insert tab to add a picture above each possible answer.

Finally, we'll modify the Feedback Master to customize the Correct and Incorrect feedback displayed in your quiz to look something like the ones shown below. 

  • Go to the View tab and view the Feedback Master. 
  • Insert a semi-transparent rectangle on the Feedback Slide Master that covers the entire slide and send it to the back. 
  • Insert a character on the Correct Feedback Layout. Then add the same character to the Incorrect Feedback Layout but apply a different pose and expression.

At this point you have created a basic quiz in form view and learned how to enhance the visual design by working in slide view.  

In the next tutorial we’ll learn how to edit the results slide.

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