Articulate Storyline offers a few options when it comes to quiz questions:

For this demo we’ll add a simple multiple choice question.

Watch this video first, then follow the steps below to practice.

Practice Activity

  • To create a quiz question, click on the New Slide icon. 
  • Select the Quizzing tab.
  • Select Multiple Choice from the Graded tab. 
  • This opens a question form where you can add your content.

  • Add a question: Who was the first US president?
  • Add some choices: Washington, Adam, and Jefferson
  • Select the correct answer: Washington
  • Stick with the generic feedback and close the form.
  • Preview the slide.

You can always modify how the quiz content is laid out on the slide. At this point you can move it around like you would any other object in Storyline. If you want to edit the quiz question, do so right from the screen or click on the Edit Multiple Choice button in the top right corner. That brings you back to the form.

Now it’s your turn. Create a couple of questions and then practice editing them.

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