Out of the box, the Articulate Storyline player features a standard left sidebar menu and slide content area. However, you’re not limited to the default look. In fact, the Storyline player offers all sorts of opportunities for customization…and all within a few clicks.

In this tutorial, we’ll quickly look at how to customize the course player.

Watch this video first, then follow the steps below to practice.

Practice Activity

The video above provides a very good overview of what you can do with the player. Download the practice files so that you can follow along with the tutorial and then do the practice activities.

Use the practice file to practice these tasks:

  • Move the menu to the top left.
  • Add a glossary to the top right.
  • Add two glossary terms & definitions.
  • Add a seekbar to the player.
  • Change the title of scene 2.
  • Add a PowerPoint file to the resources.
  • Add a URL to the resources.
  • Create a custom color scheme.
  • Save the color scheme.


  • Scene 3 doesn't appear in the menu list. Figure out how to insert the missing scene 3.

As you can see, modifying the player in Storyline is straightforward. Practice making a few modifications so that you're familiar with your options. Then when you need a custom player you'll know where to start.

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