In our last tutorial, we saw how to create a screencast. We'll continue building upon that experience and take a look at editing your screencast. 

Watch this video first, then follow the steps below to practice.

Practice Activity

Here's some practice files for you to download. We'll edit the practice file recording (or feel free to work with one of your own) and learn about working with the timeline, video mixing, picture in picture, and adding other content like lower thirds and logos. 

  • Use the timeline to move your video so that it starts about the 5 second mark. 
  • Apply a few different video mix settings. Start with only Track A displayed at the beginning, then switch to the B+A mix which displays the webcam video in the corner of the screen recording in a picture-in-picture format. 
  • Experiment with a few different locations for the picture-in-picture location and select the one you like best. 
  • Add a Lower Third to the beginning of your project. Put your name in as the title and your organization name as the subtitle. 

Those are the basics of editing your Articulate Replay content. In our next, tutorial we'll explore publishing and distributing your Replay videos

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