In this tutorial we will see how Articulate Engage lets you customize several properties for each interaction, including navigation options, colors, animations, sound effects, fonts, quality settings, and more. 

Watch this video first, then follow the steps below to practice.

Practice Activity

Download the practice file here

The first thing we will explore are the Playback Mode properties that control how users navigate through the interaction. 

  • From the first tab, click the Interactions Properties button and select your preferred playback mode (Interactive, Linear or Presentation).

Next we'll change the color scheme used for your interaction. This is a great way to match the look and feel of your course or match any company branding guidelines you might need to follow. 

  • From the Colors and Effects tab, try a few different theme colors to find one that you like or create a custom color theme of your own. 
  • Choose the interaction options you would like to apply to your interaction including how to animate each step, the media border style and sound effect settings. 
  • Select the fonts you would like to use for your interaction titles and content. 

Finally, we'll conclude this practice activity by selecting compression settings for video, audio, and images in your interaction.

  • Choose between the standard or custom compression settings on the Quality tab.

Now that we've learned about interaction properties, we're ready to move on to the next tutorial and look at working with the Player Properties.