Now that our questions and feedback slides are built, we can focus on creating the custom feedback slide. If learners miss question two, they'll branch to a remediation slide where they can view the correct chocking procedure. In this lesson, we're going to use Blank Slides to design the feedback slide.

If you're following along, I'm working in Lesson Files > Chapter 07 > FeedbackSlide.quiz

Create the Feedback Slide

  1. Click Blank Slide
  2. In the ENTER THE TITLE: box, type "Review the Chocking Process"
  3. In the ENTER THE TEXT: box, type "Always chock the wheel diagonally opposite of the wheel you're changing."
  4. Click Slide View
  5. Click Insert > Picture and in the Chapter)7 folder, select Chocking.png
  6. Click OK
  7. Click Save & Close

Click Preview or Publish to view your files. We haven't added branching to our multiple choice question, so you'll see the incorrect feedback slide whether you answer correctly or incorrectly.

What's Next?

Okay, the feedback slide is complete. Now we can return to the multiple choice question and set up our branching. See you in the next lesson!

Martin Kopsch
David Anderson

I had to laugh after reading your last comment regarding clients seeing something and then wanting more--that's something we see all the time! You're correct about the points and percentages. You have a couple things going on that might make scoring--percentages, point values--unnecessary. Because you want learners to retry missed questions and receive point values after successfully answering questions, could you modify the results slide to remove any mention of percentages and simply include "Pass" screen? You don't need to use Quizmaker's default Results slide at that point--every learner will ultimately Pass. You could customize a blank slide with a summary or conclusion indicating the learner successfully passed the quiz. Just an idea. Another option might be to create a "pr... Expand

Martin Kopsch