On Your Own | Animations

For this project, you'll need:

In this project, you'll apply Entrance animations to Slides 3-12. Experiment with different animations. Don't worry about the appropriateness of the animations - this activity is more about getting familiar with applying Entrance animations and events.

Preview your animations in PowerPoint and Publish your course to view the final animations. Keep in mind that some animations aren't supported in Presenter. Here's a list of supported animations in Presenter '09.

To complete the project, your presentation will have:

  • Slides 2-12 should have Entrance animations
  • Animations applied include On Click, With Previous and After Previous
  • Text objects should animate using both single object and 1st level paragraph settings

A final version is available in Lesson Files > Chapter_04 > Animations_Final.pptx.

Louise Eshenower