Editing Audio

How'd your audio turn out? My audio's a little low compared to the original recording. I know that because I can hear and I see it. Notice how much shorter the re-record audio is compared to the original?

But we're still in the game because Presenter gives us a volume control so we can boost the audio levels.

Increasing Audio Levels

I'm listing this as an optional step. Your audio may have turned out great and your levels are equal to the original. If that's the case, you don't need to boost the levels. Regardless, this is still a handy trick to know since it's something you'll inevitably encounter on a project.

  1. Click-drag a selection around your new audio
  2. Click the Volume button
  3. Select a percentage to increase the volume. I used 40%.
  4. Click OK.

Visually, the audio looks good. But we should trust our ears more than our eyes. If the audio sounds good, you're ready to continue. If it's still a little low, click Control-Z to undo your last settings so you can try a different setting.

What's Next?

In the next lesson you'll learn to back up your audio by exporting audio from the Audio Editor.

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